Damon Brown

Damon Brown

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Damon Brown gets pop culture. The Northwestern grad covers music, sex and technology for Playboy, XXL, New York Post and Inc. He's a monthly game reviewer for SPIN and writes the Inspector Gadget column for PlanetOut.com, the largest gay and lesbian website. Damon has been interviewed on C-SPAN, NPR, G4 and BBC World, and helped moderate the first annual sex in video games conference in 2006. He wrote the first book on the iPhone, "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to the iPhone" (Penguin Books). Damon's currently working on his fourth book, "Porn and Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and Other Sexy Games Changed Modern Pop Culture," to be released by Feral House.

LG LX 370 Review

LG's LX370 sports a lofty smartphone price tag without smartphone muscle, but snaps great photos.

  • Pros: Great 2.0 MP camera and camcorder; nice , responsive keys;…
  • Cons: Not built for intensive Internet browsing; limited…

Samsung Reclaim Review

Samsung's Reclaim offers eco-conscious design without sacrificing true smartphone functionality.

  • Pros: Environmentally friendly; good 2.0 MP camera; a solid…
  • Cons: Limited multimedia interface; tiny keys; doesn't excel in…

Samsung Propel Pro Review

A clean interface, superior camera and comfortable keyboard all make the Propel Pro a solid value.

  • Pros: Clean presentation; Good keyboard; Solid camera
  • Cons: Average Internet speeds; Light on frills

Shure SE115 Review

Shure's budget earbuds strike a high note with price and noise cancellation, but lack much thump.

  • Pros: Effective noise-canceling; Nice ambient sound; Extended cord
  • Cons: Bass not as strong as advertised; Short cable reach;…

Motorola Stature i9 Review

A thin, sturdy shell and solid camera help the i9 overcome an embarrassingly weak Web browser.

  • Pros: Thin design; slick icon setup; easy to use; good camera
  • Cons: Lack of included peripherals; clunky Internet browser

Nokia Intrigue 7205 Review

As long as you don't plan on doing much surfing, the Intrigue makes a solid and attractive phone.

  • Pros: Nice multimedia functionality; crisp screen
  • Cons: No out-of-the-box music transferring; awkward web input

Nintendo DSi Review

Nintendo's next-gen handheld offers a welcome upgrade for fans, though it's no mandatory purchase.

  • Pros: Intuitive to use; fun multimedia options; slick WiFi gaming;…
  • Cons: Weak camera; no editing of non-DSi photos; lacks GameBoy…

LG Versa Review

The Versa is worth opting for at a discounted price, although the full price puts it up against much more versatile contenders.

  • Pros: Attachable keyboard; good voice recognition; solid camera
  • Cons: Clunky stylus; lack of included peripherals

LG Incite Review

The LG Incite is a decent smartphone, though certain hang-ups, keep it from taking any crowns.

  • Pros: Affordable introductory price; easy to use; excellent camera
  • Cons: Okay browsing capabilities; touchscreen requires…

Nokia 7510 Supernova Review

A subpar camera and awkward menus hinder this stylish folder, making it for fashionistas only.

  • Pros: Changeable colors; solid design; cool shell
  • Cons: Average functionality; Unimpressive camera; High price for a…

Motorola MOTO W233 Renew Review

Antiquated features and functionality make this eco-phone's green aura its only real selling point.

  • Pros: Excellent price; recycled and recyclable; simple to use;…
  • Cons: Basic functions; bad music player; unattractive looking

Samsung Memoir Review

An above-average camera doesn't quite make up for the Memoir's ho-hum smartphone performance.

  • Pros: Detailed screen; solid touchscreen; easy , powerful camera
  • Cons: Delayed touchscreen; sluggish Internet

Samsung Omnia (SCH-i910) Review

Featuring a large 3.2-inch touchscreen and sporting a 5MP camera, the Samsung Omnia aims squarely at Apple's iPhone.

  • Pros: Hi-res screen; lightweight; many multimedia options
  • Cons: Clunky touchscreen; awkward keyboard; slow downloading when…

Helio Mysto Review

The Helio Mysto is a stylish phone aiming squarely at the youth market. It has lots of features but a steep learning curve.

  • Pros: Slick design; nice multimedia features
  • Cons: Weird key design; gets hot easily; high learning curve

HTC Touch Dual Review

The HTC Dual Touch is arguably the most feature-rich phone currently on the market, and it's good looking to boot.

  • Pros: Lightweight; multimedia friendly; easy keyboard to use
  • Cons: Tricky touchscreen; average music capabilities; too many…