David Elrich

David Elrich

David has covered the consumer electronics industry since the "ancient" days of the Walkman. A "consumer’s" consumer-electronics writer who regularly contributes to some of the largest magazines on the newsstands, including InStyle and Metropolitan Home. He is a Contributing editor for Metropolitan Home (1988 to present), one of the top shelter magazines in the country. Editor of quarterly PC How-To Guide: Digital Photography Buyer's Guide for the past four years. Beyond that he has covered digital imaging for a variety of publications from the time of ground-breaking $10,000 3-megapixel cameras to the present. David has moderated imaging panels at CES and simply loves taking photos and videos.
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Canon PowerShot G3 X Review

Near or far, Canon's versatile G3 X lets you snap it without a DSLR
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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV Review

Sony’s latest RX100 compact can slow down time like no other camera.
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The Canon Rebel evolves with better sensor and built-in Wi-Fi.
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Canon's Rebel T6s gives beginner photographers a taste of pro control.
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Nikon makes a mirrorless camera comeback with the impressive J5
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Lytro's futuristic Illum camera may be one too many light years ahead.
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Sony set a sky-high bar with the A7, and the new one just punched through it.