Derek Mead

Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor

NASA rovers carried World Trade Center aluminum to Mars

The recovered metal was re-purposed as a pair of shields on Spirit and Opportunity.

Cool Tech

Dutch government root certificate banned in Chrome, Firefox and IE

The move has severely limited access to numerous Dutch government sites.


Amazon site redesign is final puzzle piece for Kindle tablet

The new device will have the perk of Amazon's shopping prowess.

Android Army

Infrared cameras can be used to steal PINs from ATMs

UCSD researchers present a study showing the latest possible ATM scam.

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Apple files new antenna patent for iPhones and iPads

New composite tech should allow for better reception and sleeker devices.


Newly-discovered stone tools are some of mankind’s earliest tech

The hand axes are the oldest examples ever found of their type.

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Samsung Galaxy Note: Giant phone or tiny tablet?

Samsung's Galaxy Note hovers between the screen size of a phone and a tablet.

Android Army

Financial Times pulls out of App Store following failed negotiations

The paper develops an in-browser mobile site instead.


China aims to eliminate ‘cancer’ in social networks

Independent news reports are often attacked as rumors in Chinese social networks.

Social Media

British ISP giving 3G coverage to rural areas for free

The plan highlights the difficulty in bringing broadband to rural areas.


AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile invest $100 million in mobile wallet system

Soon users will be able to replace their credit cards with their smartphones.

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Samsung’s smartphone ban not likely to last

Apple's win is most likely an empty one.

Android Army

Facebook to add photo filters, takes on Instagram

Here come the digital lo-fi photo wars.


Start-up Pure Storage uses exclusively flash-based storage

SSDs are the way of the future in enterprise computing.


Sony Alpha A77 says goodbye to DSLRs

The camera has a translucent mirror for fast autofocusing even while shooting video.

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