Derek Mead

Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Samsung gets court date to address Euro tablet ban

Apple is still fighting to get injunctions blocking sale of the Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands.

FTC investigation into Google getting more focused

Probe focusing on Google's search business.

Intel waving cash around in search of Ultrabook developments

The company says laptops of the future will be faster, more efficient and more tablet-like.
Android Army

HTC to buy majority stake in headphone maker Beats

The company now has exclusive access to Beats' tech for smartphones.
Cool Tech

Mystery of orange goo gripping Alaska town has been partially solved

Scientists finally think they have an idea where the orange goo turning up in Alaskan waterways is coming from.

Vudu web streams to iPads to avoid sharing cash with Apple

The video-streaming service decided the App Store just wasn't worth it.
Android Army

Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7

CEO Sanjay Jha thinks the mobile OS might have potential.
Cool Tech

Newspaper behemoth Tribune Co. developing its own tablet

The company is looking to switch subscribers over to the digital realm.
Cool Tech

IBM breaks up with the NCSA and Blue Water supercomputer project

Citing high costs and complexity, IBM dumped the NCSA's contract.
Social Media

Twitter, Facebook aiding London clean-up

Social networks come to the rescue to help organize community efforts.
Cool Tech

Obama sets new carbon emission standards for big trucks

New regulation will cut tractor-trailer emissions by as much as 20 percent.
Cool Tech

Johnny Long, charity hacker, announces InfoSec without Borders

He's succeeding at his goal of bringing free IT services to the world's poor.