Derek Mead

Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7

CEO Sanjay Jha thinks the mobile OS might have potential.

Android Army

Newspaper behemoth Tribune Co. developing its own tablet

The company is looking to switch subscribers over to the digital realm.

Cool Tech

IBM breaks up with the NCSA and Blue Water supercomputer project

Citing high costs and complexity, IBM dumped the NCSA's contract.

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Twitter, Facebook aiding London clean-up

Social networks come to the rescue to help organize community efforts.

Social Media

Obama sets new carbon emission standards for big trucks

New regulation will cut tractor-trailer emissions by as much as 20 percent.

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Johnny Long, charity hacker, announces InfoSec without Borders

He's succeeding at his goal of bringing free IT services to the world's poor.

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New dot-com bubble looms ahead of Groupon IPO

Groupon dropped the use of a controversial accounting metric ahead of its IPO, but what does its use mean for investors hungry for tech?

Social Media

Ten-year old hacker finds vulnerabilities in mobile games

Named CyFi, she used system clocks to exploit vulnerabilities in FarmVille-style games.

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Boeing employees will hitch a ride to ISS aboard company spaceship

The company's CST-100 spacecraft is the latest commercial space travel offering.

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Clearwire losing money, but switching to LTE

Sprint's network provider is having trouble rolling out its 4G network.


Social media profile pics are a gateway to privacy breaches

Facial recognition software has made face-searching possible.

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No surprise: Sony wins Pwnie Award for Most Epic Fail

Anonymous, LulzSec and Wikileaks were all nominated for the Pwnie for Epic 0wnage, but who won?

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Microsoft about to deliver some security love with 13 patches

The company conspicuously leaves XP out of part of the update party.


New tool tells you when your ISP is slowing you down

Dan Kaminsky's N00ter tells users if they're getting the squeeze.

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British government scraps plans to block P2P sites, legalizes ripping

The Digital Economy Act, which would have put pressure on ISPs to block pirate sites, is dead while ripping lives.

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