Derek Mead

Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Panasonic’s ‘Life Innovation Container’ delivers solar power in a box

Panasonic's Life Innovation Container offers easily-transported solar power production, making it useful for disaster relief and off-grid locations.

Cool Tech

Google+ runs out of disk space, goes spam crazy

An unanticipated amount of traffic to Google+ overloaded the network's notifications system over the weekend, resulting in a flood of repeat notifications to users.

Social Media

Logitech’s Microsoft Lync-powered hardware points to the potential of Office 365

Logitech has released a new spread of webcams and headsets optimized for Microsoft Office 365. Will this kind of hardware support propel Microsoft to the top of cloud-based productivity?


Post-tsunami relief efforts steady Google’s shaky reputation in Japan

Google Street View and Person Finder have been a big help to tsunami-ravaged Japan, and may help improve the search giant's image in the country.