Derek Mead

Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Social Media

LinkedIn CEO says Google+ can’t coexist with other social networks

Jeff Weiner argues that, in an already saturated social media market, users don't have the time for Google+.

Apple quarterly profit up 69 percent as iPad sales roar

Strong iPad 2 sales have boosted Apple to a stellar quarter despite slowing iPhone 4 receipts.

Growth slows as China nears half a billion internet users

The growth of Chinese Internet population is slowing despite two-thirds of the country still lacking access.
Cool Tech

NASA satellite records central African pollution ‘butterfly’

Central African agricultural fires lead to huge cloud of nitrogen dioxide pollution recorded by NASA's Aura satellite.
Social Media

MySpace’s Tom warns Google+ about excessive feed filtering

Tom Anderson writes that Google should avoid algorithmic filtering of user feeds in Google+ in favor of more dedicated user controls.

GScreen taking down payments on Spacebook dual-screen laptops

GScreen's dual-screen laptop offering is finally here. Can added utility outweigh a hefty price?

Google kills traffic estimates from Google Maps

Google has eliminated its popular traffic estimate feature from Google Maps because, the company says, the feature was too inaccurate.

Happy people are more successful shoppers, study says

A new study found that people who are in more positive moods make faster and more consistent decisions.

Google’s new CEO has new plan: ‘More wood behind fewer arrows’

New CEO Larry Page just announced record quarterly profits, which he attributes to Google focusing on its most successful products.
Cool Tech

‘Armchair’ nanotubes may be key to a more efficient power grid

Researchers at Rice University are creating nanotubes with extremely efficient conductive properties that could be key in cutting down electricity loss in transmission lines.
Android Army

PayPal brings NFC payments to Android, wallets lose self-worth

PayPal offers a new payment method that requires nothing more than touching Android phones together.
Android Army

Zitmo trojan attacking Android bank transactions

The people behind the ZeuS botnet have begun to exploit a weak point in mobile banking that allows them to steal bank passwords.