David Nield

David Nield

Dave is a freelance journalist from Manchester in the north-west of England. He's been writing about technology since the days of Windows 95 and the Pentium processor, and you can find his work on a variety of different tech sites. Outside of the world of apps and gadgets he enjoys long walks in the countryside and the occasional game of football (also known as soccer).

Senate blocks USA Freedom Act on data collection reform

What's next for online surveillance legislation and data privacy? The USA Freedom Act breezed through the House of Representatives last week but has been stopped in its tracks at the Senate.
Movies & TV

One place you won’t find the Steve Jobs trailer: Apple’s site

Does Apple have something against the new Steve Jobs film? Perhaps Tim Cook preferred Christian Bale for the lead role? Whatever the reason, you can't find the movie trailer on the iTunes site.

This Breaking Bad remake shows the power of the GTA V movie editor

Whether you're a fan of Breaking Bad, GTA V or just the latest in technology, this two-minute clip is a stunning reminder of just how powerful our home computers and video games are.

Is Huawei about to launch an Android competitor of its own?

Inside sources suggest that Huawei is going to follow the lead of Samsung and OnePlus by developing its own custom-made operating system — and there's more news on the Huawei Nexus too.

Banned security expert hacked into airplane systems, says the FBI

The FBI says Chris Roberts briefly hacked into an aircraft network before he was detained by officials last month; but Roberts says the Bureau is leaving out a lot of important context.

Microsoft takes Windows 10 Mobile updates into its own hands

Get yourself a shiny new Windows 10 Mobile handset later this year, and you'll find updates arrive as smoothly as they do on iOS. Microsoft has announced that it will be handling the process, not mobile carriers.

Google’s Buy buttons could make mobile shopping much easier

If reports are to be believed, shopping for and purchasing goods through Google on a mobile device is about to get a lot more streamlined — but is the company inviting more regulatory scrutiny?
Home Theater

Twin Peaks season 3 is back on, with David Lynch and more episodes

If your summer was ruined by the news that David Lynch had walked away from the Twin Peaks revival, worry no longer — the director is back on board and Showtime is extending its run.

Apple is planning an auto “intervention” says Fiat CEO

Is Apple really working on a self-driving electric vehicle of its own? It sounds more likely based on a comment from Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, who recently met up with Tim Cook in California.
Cool Tech

Brick Street View turns Google Maps into Lego

Here's an impressive hack to explore over the weekend. Put together by Swedish designer Einar Öberg, Brick Street View turns Google's Street View imagery into something much more blocky.

This clever hack turns an Android Wear device into an Apple Watch

Corbin Davenport has quite a record of smartwatch hacks, and the developer is only 16 years old. His latest trick is getting Apple's 1987 OS running on a Samsung Gear Live wearable.

We’re all buying more phablets than ever before

It's taken a while for the market to fully embrace smartphones that push beyond the 5-inch display size, but the latest research suggests phablets are enjoying a rapid rise in popularity.