David Nield

David Nield

Dave is a freelance journalist from Manchester in the north-west of England. He's been writing about technology since the days of Windows 95 and the Pentium processor, and you can find his work on a variety of different tech sites. Outside of the world of apps and gadgets he enjoys long walks in the countryside and the occasional game of football (also known as soccer).

Cortana won’t arrive on the Xbox One until 2016

There's a major software update coming to the Xbox One in November, built around Windows 10, but one essential part is going to be missing -- the Cortana app still needs some fine-tuning.

UberEvents lets you give your guests a free ride to the party

If you're organizing a corporate function or a glitzy wedding and you want to make sure everyone can get there on time, why not pay for the taxi rides for a selection of your guests?

Google’s latest idea would make it harder to drop your phone

Google has filed a patent for an odd-looking smartphone housing designed to make your mobile harder to drop. If it makes it to the mass market, cracked screens could be a thing of the past.

Are Apple’s new iPhones secretly waterproof?

One intrepid YouTube has submerged an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6S Plus for an hour — and both the handsets were found to be working fine afterward. Watch the video of the test in action.
Movies & TV

Sorkin hits back over Tim Cook’s criticism of his Steve Jobs movie

Steve Jobs was a divisive figure in life and people are still arguing over him many years after his death: Jobs movie screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has defended his film in a new interview.
Social Media

Facebook’s Medium-style Notes upgrade is now rolling out

Before social networks there was blogging, and now Facebook has brought everything full circle with its revamped Notes tool, encouraging users to start writing longer posts with pictures.
Social Media

Twitter tests out polls inside your tweets

Twitter used to be so simple — but it can't stand still if it wants to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Instagram. A small group of users have found they can now add polls to their tweets.

Spanish group campaigns to bring accents back to the Web

Internet shorthand is part of the way we communicate with one another now, but a nonprofit organization in Spain wants to see more done to preserve accents and meaning on social media.

US and China reportedly working on cybersecurity peace treaty

Representatives from the United States and China are busy trying to come to an agreement over cybersecurity warfare — but don't expect the hacking and surveillance to stop completely.

Hitachi puts AI boss in charge to boost productivity

Here's something else that AI-powered programs might be able to do better than human beings can, if the results of a trial run in Japan are to be believed — order factory workers around.

Why one dev has pulled his iOS 9 ad blocker from the App Store

Safari for iOS 9 includes new support for ad-blocking technology — and high-profile developer Marco Arment isn't the only one agonizing over the ethics of blocking adverts on the mobile Web.

The Apple Car might be appearing sooner than we thought

According to reports in The Guardian, Apple executives have met with the California DMV over permits for a self-driving car — and permits would require details of the vehicle in question.