David Nield

David Nield

Dave is a freelance journalist from Manchester in the north-west of England. He's been writing about technology since the days of Windows 95 and the Pentium processor, and you can find his work on a variety of different tech sites. Outside of the world of apps and gadgets he enjoys long walks in the countryside and the occasional game of football (also known as soccer).

Google promising ‘new treats’ on Sept. 29

You might want to clear a space in your diary on Tuesday, Sept. 29: Google is holding a media event at which it's expected to unveil a new Nexus or two and an updated Chromecast device.

And the most popular iPhone 6S model in preorders is …

Demand for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus appears to be brisk, with the larger rose gold model apparently a particular favorite — based on changing shipping times worldwide, at least.

Google has plans for a lot more of its self-driving cars

Google's self-driving car program remains a small-scale scheme because of road regulations and the limitations of the technology, but a company executive has revealed bigger plans for the future.

Tinder adds a ‘Super Like’ for those people you’re really into

Tinder now lets you express your admiration for a potential match in even stronger terms, with a new Super Like button — but you only get to use one of these new swipes every 24 hours.
Cool Tech

Drone pilot arrested after buzzing past an LAPD helicopter

Stories of drones causing problems for the emergency services seem to be on the rise, and the latest pilot to get himself into trouble had a near miss with a police helicopter in California.

Hey Siri and Live Photos respect user privacy, Apple says

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus bring with them a couple of new features that may have you worried about the data that's being collected by Apple, but the company wants to put your mind at rest.
Social Media

Facebook wants to make it easier for you to support causes

If you like changing your Facebook profile picture to support causes, campaigns or sports teams, you'll like this: The site wants to let you revert back to your old image automatically.

Google ready to return to China with a stripped-down Play Store

When there are millions of users to sign up to your services, the effort of working around censorship restrictions seems a lot more worthwhile — and it sounds like Google is finally doing just that.

Bing promotes Microsoft Edge when you search for Chrome or Firefox

If you make a desktop OS, a search engine and a Web browser, are you within your rights to use the first two to promote the last one? Try running a BIng search yourself to see what happens.

Next-generation Force Touch tech headed to new iPhones, says report

Before you even had chance to get used to Force Touch, its successor is on the way -- the newly rumored "3D Touch" tech adds an extra layer of pressure sensitivity for interacting with your device.
Cool Tech

Snooz uses white noise to help improve your sleep

The latest of many gadgets and gizmos to help you get a better night's sleep has arrived on Kickstarter. Snooz helps you drift off with a customizable drone of white noise by your bed.

New hires suggest Amazon is getting serious about meal delivery

Before long, there might not be very much that Amazon doesn't deliver — Reuters is reporting that the online retail giant is expanding its meal delivery service to more customers and cities.