Drew Prindle

Drew Prindle

Drew's fascination with technology began at an early age - shortly after he licked a 9-volt battery for the first time. It was this first taste of technology that sparked his interest in how electronics work, and he's been obsessed ever since. Aside from keeping up with the latest developments in tech, he enjoys shock humor, and working puns into his writing at every opportunity. You can find his work on Digital Trends and The Manual.
Health & Fitness

When standing desks tire you out, this balance board puts you back on your feet

Instead of allowing you to stand with bad posture, the board puts you on an uneven surface, which passively forces you to stand perfectly straight and use your core/leg muscles to stay balanced
Cool Tech

Sounds crazy, but this liquid body armor is more bulletproof than Kevlar

The more force you apply to the liquid inside this vest, the more viscous the material becomes -- so when it's struck with a high-velocity projectile (like a bullet), the fluid becomes incredibly hard almost instantaneously.
Cool Tech

Humanity’s latest weapon in the fight against deforestation? Autonomous seed-bombing drones

Environmental organizations have been trying (and failing) to stop deforestation for decades, and BioCarbon Engineering thinks it can succeed where others have failed. How? By enlisting a an army of seed-bombing drones to autonomously…
Cool Tech

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Silver socks, electric lighters, a $179 3D printer

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Awesome alarm clock uses parametric speakers to wake you up without disturbing your partner

Most alarm clocks have no way to selectively wake up one person and leave the other person undisturbed... until now. Wakē is an alarm that can intelligently target individual users and wake up one sleeper without rousing the other.
Cool Tech

Wild new wearable shines a light through your skin to measure lactate threshold

Designed to fit inside a compression sock, this sensor-packed device can record a wide range of different fitness metrics, including heart rate, cadence, pace, calories burned, and lactate threshold -- the latter of which has never been…
Cool Tech

Don’t let the $179 price tag fool you — this 3D printer can print circles around most machines

Slowly but surely, 3D printers are getting cheaper. Drastically cheaper, in fact. Tiko 3D is the latest addition to this sub-$500 club. Priced at just $179 on Kickstarter, it's easily one of the most affordable printers we've ever laid eyes…