Drew Prindle

Drew Prindle

Drew's fascination with technology began at an early age - shortly after he licked a 9-volt battery for the first time. It was this first taste of technology that sparked his interest in how electronics work, and he's been obsessed ever since. Aside from keeping up with the latest developments in tech, he enjoys shock humor, and working puns into his writing at every opportunity. You can find his work on Digital Trends and The Manual.
Cool Tech

These wink-activated telescopic contact lenses give your eyes 2.8x optical zoom

Pretty soon, we'll all be cyborgs. We've already got headsets that enhance your hearing, and exoskeletons that give you superhuman strength -- and now we've got contact lenses that give you the ability to zoom in on stuff you're looking at.
Home Theater

How to rip a DVD or Blu-ray movie

Learn how to burn and rip DVD and Blu-Ray movies to your hard drive or media server to enjoy your movies without ever leaving the couch.

Phorm is a morphing touchscreen with tactile finger guides for typing

nstead of forcing you to attach a new keyboard altogether, the Phorm case creates an array of raised bumps on your screen -- providing just enough tactile feedback for you to type without looking.

Best idea ever? Thermal-vision microwave displays exactly how hot your food is

Former NASA engineer and serial inventor Mark Rober has developed a new kind of microwave that essentially has thermal vision and can display the temperature of the grub you're nuking in real-time.
Cool Tech

Watch Google’s new robo-dog recover from an unexpected kick

It's been a while since we last saw something from Boston Dynamics, but the company has recently produced a smaller (more kickable) version of its signature four-legged robots, and has released some fresh footage of it in action.
Cool Tech

Update: SpaceX launch delayed (again) due to inclement weather

It hasn't even been a full month since SpaceX tried (and failed) to land one of its rockets on a floating lander pad in the Atlantic ocean -- but this weekend it's ready to give it a second shot.
Cool Tech

Curing hangovers with an IV drip? Sounds crazy, but this startup is making it happen

Like Uber for intravenous hydration therapy, the IV Doc will send a medical professional to your home or office and plug a bag of nutrients into your arm -- rapidly curing your ailment and revitalizing your body.
Cool Tech

Obliterate houseflies like a boss with the new and improved Bug-A-Salt gun

The Camofly is a sort of modified squirt gun that sprays houseflies with salt, killing them and their incessant buzzing. It looks fun, but potentially bad news in the hands of a vicious older brother.