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Digital Trends Staff


Trends with Benefits: Cheap VR, 3D-printed teeth, ‘Fire and Forget’ robots

What's the Microsoft Surface Book like in the flesh? Hear it straight from our computing editor. Plus we discuss cheap VR options like Homido, 3D-printed teeth that don't grow bacteria, and some scary-sounding civil-service robots.

Trends with Benefits: Drone zappers, alien megastructures, #FrozenChook

This week on Trends with Benefits, our round-table of tech experts looks at plans from Apple and Amazon to stream live TV to set top boxes, discusses the impact of the Drone Defender, and speculates about the Alien Megastructure on a…
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A flexible iPhone 8 and Microsoft’s heavy handed installer 1:16

Today on DT Daily we look a few years ahead to a potentially flexible iPhone 8. Also a warning to Windows 7 and 8 users, Microsoft may try and sneak Windows 10 onto your machine.
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The Digital Trends Awards: “Top Tech of CES 2016” open for entries

PORTLAND, ORE. – OCTOBER 12, 2015 – Digital Trends, a leading consumer technology publisher, announces its call for submissions for its fourth annual tech awards for outstanding new products at the 2016 International Consumer…

DT’s Top Tech of CES 2016 Award Nominations

OEMs, manufacturers, publishers, developers, and distributors, please submit your products for consideration in the Digital Trends Top Tech of CES awards.

Trends with Benefits: Microsoft’s hardware gamble, AI takeover, drones galore

Microsoft is suddenly a hardware company, and 1 million new drones are expected to be buzzing in American skies come Christmas. What's next, artificial intelligence with the abilities of a 4-year-old?! Funny you asked.

Microsoft Windows 10 devices event

If you thought Microsoft engineers were napping after the release of Windows 10 this summer, you were sorely mistaken. On Tuesday, Microsoft hosted an event in New York City to unveil a slate of new devices that leverage the new operating…

Trends with Benefits: Smart grills, smarter TVs, and Martian ice igloos

On this week's episode we launch into the debate over what to do after cutting the cord. Nearly every major streaming media device is getting an upgrade this year, so which one is going to prevail over the rest? We have our early favorites.