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Eumax Titan Notebook Cooler Review

Eumax Titan Notebook Cooler Review.

Motorola Announces Pininfarina Phone

Motorola has announced the launch of the Pininfarina Limited Edition Phone, a new product co-branded with the design company behind Ferrari.

Samsung Shipping Envronment-Friendly Drives

Samsung Electronics has begun the mass production of a 3.5” hard disc drive that has much less environmental impact than any other on the market today.

Google IPO Set At $85 A Share

Google said Wednesday it will go public at $85 a share, paving the way for the widely awaited but troubled stock offering to finally stumble to market on Thursday.

51 Percent Of Online Users Have Broadband

Nielsen/NetRatings has issued a report that shows 51 percent of the American online population now uses broadband connections.

Gateway Expands Distribution To More Stores

Gateway's new desktop PCs will be available at Office Depot's 867 stores nationwide starting this weekend.

Cornice Files Countersuit Against Seagate

Cornice Inc. has announced that it has filed counterclaims against Seagate Technology in response to a patent infringement complaint filed by Seagate in June 2004.

Buffalo Updates Networked Storage Lineup

Buffalo Technology has added larger capacity drives to their network storage solution with Linkstation products available in up to 250GB.

Cruise Line To Offer Onboard Cell Service

NCL Corporation today announced that it will be the first cruise line to bring passengers on North American cruises the ability to use their cell phones.

New York Companies Unprepared For Disaster

With the September 11 and the blackout of 2003 anniversaries nearing, almost 25 percent of all businesses in New York have not begun to plan for business disruptions.

Video On Demand Expanding Worldwide

Video On Demand services have seen steady growth in North America, but the services are just starting to take hold in the rest of the world.
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Record Labels Look To Ringtones For Revenue

While they still haven't mastered the art of selling music online, the record labels are turning to samples of that same music to be sold as ringtones for wireless phones.