Digital Trends Staff

Digital Trends Staff

RIAA Launches New Wave Of Suits

The RIAA filed copyright infringement lawsuits on Wednesday against 532 computer users it said were illegally distributing songs over the Internet.


AMD Announces Profitable Quarter

Tuesday's announcement of strong revenue growth by AMD ends a string of nine losing quarters in a row.


Nintendo Announces New Portable Game Unit

Nintendo Co. Ltd., after months of hinting it would roll out a new game product in 2004, on Wednesday announced Nintendo DS, a portable video game system with two screens.


Cable TV Growth Slowing Down

Although the total number of worldwide cable TV subscribers increased last year, the rate of growth in 2003 was the slowest in over a decade.

Home Theater

Olympus Offers Free On-line Firmware Update

Olympus has introduced a new service designed to allow photographers instant access to firmware upgrades to their All-Digital SLR cameras.


SCO Sues Novell Over Linux Copyright

Linux adversary the SCO Group sued rival software maker Novell on Tuesday, alleging that Novell has falsely claimed that it controls the Unix operating system.


Digital Radio Showing Steady Growth

The worldwide digital radio market, both satellite and terrestrial, will grow to over 19 million unit shipments in 2007, reports In-Stat/MDR.

Cool Tech

EPoX To Make NVIDIA Graphics Cards

Drawing on its many years of experience in integrating R&D, manufacturing and applications for computer systems, EPoX is introducing graphics cards based on nVIDIA graphics chips.


AT&T Providing Network For Super Bowl

Houston will get a network upgrade thanks to AT&T, who will supply a high-speed fiberoptic infrastructure for the Super Bowl.


IBM To Hire 15,000 People In 2004

IBM has raised its hiring forecast, saying it plans to hire 15,000 new employees in the coming year.


Cingular Makes AT&T Wireless Bid

Cingular Wireless has made a formal offer to acquire AT&T Wireless in an all-cash deal that would create the USA's No. 1 cell phone carrier.


Intel Close To High-Definition Audio

Intel is close to the release of its High-Definition Audio specification, which will be featured in the new "Grantsdale" processors.


New Virus Spreading Across Web

A virus-like infection that was the subject of urgent U.S. government and industry warnings spread rapidly Monday.


Software To Limit Tracking Cell Phone Users

Now that wireless companies can track a mobile phone's location, customers will want to control exactly who knows where they are and when.


Google Developing E-mail Ad Service

Google is said to be developing a service that could dramatically extend the reach of its lucrative keyword-based advertising by linking such ads to e-mail.