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Digital Trends Staff

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Record Labels Look To Ringtones For Revenue

While they still haven't mastered the art of selling music online, the record labels are turning to samples of that same music to be sold as ringtones for wireless phones.

U.S. Broadband Growth Slows

A report released Tuesday shows that the growth of high-speed internet services slowed in the second quarter to the lowest rate in a year.
Home Theater

Intel to Delay HDTV Chips

Intel has postponed the launch of a new video display chip it had previously planned to introduce by year end.

Real Targets Apple With 49 Cent Downloads

RealNetworks has temporarily reduced the price of their music downloads to 49 cents each, kicking off their 'Freedom of Choice' campaign.

AMD Ships 90 Nanometer AMD64 Products

AMD is now producing Mobile Athlon 64 processors with a new 90 nanometer manufacturing process, allowing for high-powered thin and light notebooks.

Group Proposes Next-Gen WiFi Standards

A consortium of semiconductor and consumer electronics companies have unveiled a complete joint proposal for IEEE 802.11 Task Group N.

Verizon Offers New Megapixel Camera Phone

Verizon has announced the availablility of Motorola's V710 Megapixel camera phone, a new flip phone that features Bluetooth technology.

Maxtor Ships Next-Gen DiamondMax Drives

Maxtor is shipping a new high-performance line of DiamondMax hard drives that feature Serial ATA connections and 16MB buffers.

Gateway Desktops To Be Sold At CompUSA

Gateway has added another major retailer to its list of sellers with the announcement that CompUSA will soon begin to sell Gateway branded desktop computers.

D-Link Announces Portable Wireless Router

D-Link today announced the DWL-G730AP Wireless Pocket Router/AP, a portable wireless networking solution for travelers.

Samsung Develops 2.6-Inch VGA LCD Panel

Samsung has announced the development of the world's first a-Si (Amophous SIlicon) 2.6-inch TFT-LCD with VGA image quality.

Teen Pleads Guilty In ‘Blaster’ Worm Attack

A Minnesota high school senior pleaded guilty Wednesday to unleashing a variant of the "Blaster" Internet worm, which crippled more than a-million computers last summer.