Digital Trends Staff

Digital Trends Staff


Largest ISPs Go After ‘Zombies’

The country's largest e-mail providers called yesterday for a worldwide industry assault on "zombies," personal computers that have been unwittingly commandeered by spammers.

Utah Judge Freezes Anti-Spyware Law

A Utah judge has granted an injunction to adware maker to temporarily halt the state's new anti-spyware law from going into effect.

iTunes Europe Sells 800,000 Songs In A Week

Apple today announced that music fans in the UK, France and Germany have purchased and downloaded more than 800,000 songs from the iTunes Music Store since its launch one week ago.

Hundreds More Sued For File Swapping

The RIAA filed copyright infringement lawsuits against 482 people Tuesday, the latest round of litigation by recording companies against suspected online music file-swappers.

MasterCard Tackles Phishing Scammers

The Anti-ID theft partnership is first of its kind in the financial services industry, will work closely with federal law enforcement agencies.

Anti-Spam Group Publishes Recommendations

Yahoo!, Microsoft, EarthLink and AOL propose key best practices and technologies to tackle the problem of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Nextel Announces ‘Push To E-Mail’

Nextel's new NextMail service, powered by Pacific DataVision, transmits voice messages to E-mail inboxes from the Direct Connect button on every Nextel handset.
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JVC Teams Up WIth Maxtor For Recorders

JVC has implemented Maxtor's 160GB QuickView hard drives in the company's new hard drive-based DVD recorders.

HP Launching Digital Camera Test At Hotels

HP is launching a test program to put its digital cameras in the hands of guests at Fairmont Hotels as the company seeks to expand its reach in digital photography and printing.

Sharp To Market DVD Recorder With 400GB HD

Sharp has unveiled a new DVD recorder that supports high-definition video and comes with a 400GB hard drive.

Tech Alliance Created For ‘Digital Living’

A group of 145 global electronics companies plans to announce on Tuesday an alliance to support the development of computers, electronics and mobile devices that share content.

Philips Unveils 16X DVD Burner

Philips Electronics has launched the world's first 16-speed DVD writer, which can burn a disc in under six minutes, the Dutch company said Tuesday.