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Editorial: I Want My TechTV!

In our latest Talk Back article, Jeff Fila discusses what the G4/TechTV merger means to him and many loyal TechTV viewers.

BenQ Reduces Prices On LCD Monitors

BenQ is lowering the prices on its LCD monitor models, in hopes of reducing its overflowing stock.

Gadget May Help Sleepers Choose Dreams

A Tokyo-based company says its "Dream Workshop" can be programmed to help sleepers choose what to dream.

File Swappers May Face Civil Suits

A proposed law against file sharing would allow copyright holders to seek financial remedies.

Western Digital Claims Patent Infringement

Western Digital filed a patent infringement suit against storage manufacturer Cornice today, claiming the company is infringing on seven WD patents related to disk drive technology.
Home Theater

Archos Unveils New Pocket Video Recorder

Archos has announced the AV400 Pocket Video Recorder, a portable multimedia device with a TFT LCD display and the ability to schedule and record television.
Cool Tech

BPI To Rank Top Music Downloads

The British Phonographic Industry has announced it will publish a regular chart tracking the top downloaded music tracks.

Businesses Rate Dell’s Service Lower

PC maker Dell continued to have difficulty meeting all of its business customers' expectations for service during the first quarter, according to a survey.

Apple Previews Next Version Of Mac OS X

Apple on Monday previewed the next version of its Mac OS X operating system, which it said would include powerful search features that would put it far ahead Microsoft Windows.
Home Theater

Sony Announces 3-Megapixel Camcorder

Sony has announced the new DCR-PC350 MiniDV Handycam camcorder which features a 3.31-megapixel CCD sensor.

Alienware Commits To Fastest Graphics

Allienware has anounced that they are committed to offering the fastest graphics solution available, whether it be their recently announced Video Array or Nvidia's SLI solution.

WiFi To Stay Dominant In Home Entertainment

ABI Research has released a study concluding that WiFi will remain the choice for home entertainment networking, even with competition from Ultra Wide Band and powerline networking.