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HP Updates Media Center PCs

HP has announced a new upgrade to their Media Center PC lineup, including the 'Personal Media Drive', a stand-alone storage accessory.

Broadcom Introduces Bluetooth Enhancements

Broadcom's new Bluetooth solution eliminates the need for redundant wired keyboards typically required to configure Bluetooth peripherals.

Army Sets Up Video-Game Studio

The U.S. Army, riding the success of its video game America's Army, has set up a game studio with industry veterans to write software to simulate training for a variety of projects.

Rambus Unveils Turbo PCI Express Platform

Dual mode capability supports current 2.5Gbps PCI Express data rate and up to 6.4Gbps for improved performance.

Company Introduces Fuel Cells For Portables

MTI Micro Fuel Cells today announced their Mobion, a direct methanol fuel cell that can power portable devices such as phones and PDAs longer than equivalent sized batteries.

NYC Plans Unprecedented Wireless Network

New York City plans to build a wireless network of unmatched scale and scope, including the capacity to send and recieve data while traveling at speeds of up to 70 mph.

Intel Officially Releases Grantsdale

Intel Corporation today announced products that usher in a range of audio, video and other capabilities previously found only on specialty PCs.
Cool Tech

SendStation Releases Two New PocketDocks

SendStation Systems today released two new models in its successful PocketDock product line for iPod and iPod mini.

Siemens Announces Two New Mobile Phones

Siemens AG has announced two new mobile phones; the CFX65 clamshell camera phone and the SL65 slider phone with integrated video camera.

Why Sony’s PDAs Failed in the U.S.

A new article on Brighthand suggests that the reason Sony's Clie PDAs failed in the U.S. was that they were too difficult for Americans, who don't take the time to read the manuals.

Nigerian Riches: Scamming The Scammers

A recent article in the New York Times chronicles the lenghts that some scammers will go to dupe people out of their money - and what some Net citizens are doing to combat them.

Earthlink and Webroot Release Spyware Audit

A study by Earthlink and Webroot has found more than 500,00 system monitors and trojan horses in 1.5 million SpyAudit scans year to date.