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Earnest Cavalli

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Earnest Cavalli has been writing about games, tech and digital culture since 2005 for outlets including Wired, Joystiq, Digital Trends and the Portland Mercury. In meatspace reality, he’s a tall, charming cat owner with a worrying dedication to an ornery, gray ball of fur and claws.
Movies & TV

New trailer proves that Django Unchained is definitely a Tarantino film

This new trailer for Django Unchained proves that the film is less a "Western" than it is an homage to the concept of the "Western."

Indie Game: The Movie now available for purchase

Having earned massive critical acclaim, the wonderful Indie Game: The Movie is now available for you to buy.
Movies & TV

RoboCop remake may feature Hugh Laurie as villain

British comedian turned junkie doctor Hugh Laurie is reportedly in talks to play the antagonist in the upcoming RoboCop reboot.

Decade-long Civilization II match offers grim view of the future

The future is a "a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation," if one man's massively long-running game of Civilization II is to be believed.
Movies & TV

Ray Winstone cast as Biblical ark builder’s mysterious nemesis

When apocalyptic flooding just doesn't cut it for dramatic tension, you have to call in Ray Winstone.
Movies & TV

A single scene from The Amazing Spider-Man goes on sale this week

For only $3 you can own a small piece of The Amazing Spider-Man before the film hits theaters.
Home Theater

TiVo, PayPal join forces to efficiently push ‘As Seen On TV’ products

TiVo and PayPal want to make it incredibly easy to purchase the things you see on TV. Perhaps too easy.
Cool Tech

Smartphone attachment offers cheap ear infection diagnosis

Your kid has an ear ache? Don't take them to the hospital, just reach for your iPhone.
Cool Tech

Kinect-based mood analysis could bolster Microsoft’s advertising efforts

A new patent application points toward a future in which ads are tailored to you based on your body language and other subtle cues.

Play Wreck-It Ralph courtesy blatantly obvious promotional stunt

Though Disney's upcoming Wreck-It Ralph is based on a fictional video game, the House of Mouse has created a playable version of the classic coin-op title that you can play in your web browser.
Movies & TV

Sony goes back to the nostalgia well for Tonka trucks movie

Sony Pictures Animation, Hasbro and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions have agreed to make an animated film based on the iconic Tonka line of toy trucks.

E3 2012: Metro: Last Light brings more of the same, thankfully

Fans of Metro 2033 should be very excited for the upcoming Metro: Last Light. Everyone else? Maybe not so much.