Fahmida Y. Rashid

Fahmida Y. Rashid

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Wal-Mart launches low-cost wireless plan; data still pricey

Crowding the already confusing array of wireless plans available, Wal-Mart has unveiled a low-cost wireless plan for its customers.

Adobe Flash under fire with another zero-day exploit

Adobe can’t catch a break. First Reader, now Flash, is under attack.

Apple to launch Wi-Fi iPad in China Friday

Apple is moving fast to get the iPad into the world’s most populous country on Friday, only months after the U.S. debut.

Live on YouTube brings live video streaming to masses

YouTube returns to live programming with celebrity and lifestyle programming over two days on Live on YouTube.

For sale: GoDaddy, asking $1 billion or best offer

GoDaddy, the web host known for its racy Super Bowl commercials, is on the chopping block. Expected price? $1 billion dollars.

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s smartphones guru, resigns

What’s going on over at Nokia? Anssi Vanjoki, the man who was going to make the phone giant relevant again, is gone.

Apple returns to ‘normal’ return policy: no more free cases

Trying to close a chapter on the "Antennagate" controversy, Apple will stop giving away free iPhone 4 bumpers at the end of the month.

Videogame sales slump further in August, but Xbox 360 is king

The video game industry’s slump shows no signs of abating, but there is a silver lining for both Sony and Microsoft.

Facebook finally more popular than Google

People are now spending more time on Facebook than Google. Is anyone really surprised?

Apple devices call home when on a Wi-Fi network

ET is not the only one dialing home. It appears your Apple devices do, too.

Adobe resurrects Flash tool after Apple about-face

Adobe has responded to Apple's new developer rules by resuming work on Packager for iPhone, which allows developers to port applications from Flash to iOS.

Symantec finds new worm with ‘Here you have’ e-mails

A new worm is spreading quickly over e-mail, instant messaging, and shared disks and folders on the local network, sometimes using the subject heading "Here you have."