Francis Bea

Francis Bea

Francis got his first taste of the tech industry in a failed attempt at a startup during his time as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Never leaving his love for tech behind, he briefly dabbled in tech PR but switched over to contributing for Digital Trends. He covers all things social media and the next generation of emerging tech startups, as well as mobile apps that can’t be missed .

Valve experiments with augmented reality ‘wearable computers’

Could the future of gaming someday reside in a pair of augmented reality glasses? Valve is making a bet that it will by beginning research into the possibilities of AR gaming.

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Hasta la vista: Microsoft ends full support for Windows Vista

Windows ended its Mainstream Support for Microsoft's black sheep of operating systems, Windows Vista, which began its Extended Support phase. This means that while Vista users will receive security updates, they're going to have to pay for patches for the next…


Smart marketing: @SmartArg debuts impressive Twitter-based flipbook

Argentina's Smart car Twitter marketing strategy is among the best we've ever seen.


Nokia offers Lumia 900 buyers $100 refund over Internet access bug

Following customer reports of a software bug that prevents Web access, Nokia has issued a $100 credit for all Lumia 900 models on AT&T before April 21.


Samsung’s AMOLED gamble: Lead and your worst enemies will follow

The success of Samsung's fiercest competitors may be its best hope of striking it big in 2012. Here's how Samsung has stacked all its chips on AMOLED, and needs foes from around the industry to start lining up to buy.


Amazon Appstore jumps on the bandwagon with in-app purchases

It was an inevitable decision. On the heels of Google and Apple, Amazon's Appstore has taken the plunge and joined in launching its own in-app purchasing service.

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Department of Homeland Security contract seeks to ‘hack’ game consoles to obtain user data

The Department of Homeland Security has enlisted a San Francisco company to help crack open the encrypted data in consoles, which it claims may hold key evidence in cases ranging from the exploitation of children to terrorism.


This is what full Windows 8 Metro applications may look like

While users have been testing out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, XGMedia redesigned Skype to give future users an idea about what Windows 8 apps will look like, and the design principals behind Metro.


New Samsung trademarks hint at flexible AMOLED displays arriving in products soon

New Samsung trademarks for terms like WAMOLED and YOUM suggest it will begin producing flexible OLED displays this quarter, meaning consumers will begin seeing them in device by the end of the year.

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YouTube co-founders silently introduce magazine publishing app, Zeen

The duo behind YouTube are working on a new magazine application to "discover and create beautiful magazines." We're guessing that it will be a cross between Pinterest and, but we'll find out later this month at The Next Web Conference.


Infographic: Your smartphone is worth more than your wallet

The cost of a new phone isn't the only thing to worry about when it ends up in the hands of a stranger. Here's a look at the sensitive information that can cause much worse headaches, and how to prevent your phone from spilling it.


No wires, no laws, no limits: How a flying drone network could liberate the Internet from above

Flying server drones hovering outside the reach of Earth-bound authorities could prevent well-intentioned laws – and even dictators – from strangling the Internet.

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Arizona ‘cyberbullying’ bill threatens free speech online, critics warn

Arizona's legislature has passed a bill that, if signed into law, could threaten citizen's freedom of speech, and set a precedent for other states to draft similar legislation.


Roundup: April Fool’s Day jokes from around the Web

It's April 1, and that means pranks abound from around the Web. Here are some of our favorites.


Observe World Backup Day 2012 with five easy solutions for stashing your files

Rest easy on World Backup Day 2012 by using one of these five easy ways to backup your files in preparation for the worst.