Francis Bea

Francis Bea

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Francis got his first taste of the tech industry in a failed attempt at a startup during his time as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Never leaving his love for tech behind, he briefly dabbled in tech PR but switched over to contributing for Digital Trends. He covers all things social media and the next generation of emerging tech startups, as well as mobile apps that can’t be missed .
Social Media

Hulu update streamlines navigation, adds 10-second rewind

Hulu has made a few updates to their player, including the option to rewind the video by 10 seconds, and the introduction of a more robust video recommendation feature, and streamlined navigation features.
Home Theater

More than half of Americans fiddle with phones while watching TV

We just can't seem to disconnect. A new study finds a majority of Americans supplement their television viewing experience with their phones, for everything from fact checking to burning time during commercial breaks.
Social Media

YouTube releases face-blurring tool to protect identities in videos

For those who have more to lose from YouTube exposure than disappointed parents and finger-wagging employers, YouTube's new face-blurring tool gives citizen journalists the power to automatically anonymize their videos with one click.
Social Media

LinkedIn redesign proves it wants to be more like Facebook

LinkedIn confirmed that it was rolling out a redesign that would make navigation of the Homepage easier. But despite the company's claims, the update confirms our suspicions that LinkedIn is evolving into a social content sharing platform.

Samsung widens its sales lead over Apple

A Reuters poll of 41 financial analysts forecasts that Samsung has sold more smartphones than Apple. However the finding is not surprising with the debut of the Galaxy S III and the official iPhone 5 launch announcement nearing.

Verizon Wireless unveils GameTanium, it’s own subscription game service

In a partnership with Verizon, Exent has debuted its social gaming and curation application, "GameTanium" in the United States. For just $5.99 per month, Android owners will have access to GameTanium's catalogue of 150 mobile games.

Nokia slashes price of Lumia 900 to $50

Nokia has slashed its Lumia 900 prices by 50 percent, and can now be purchased for $49.99 with a contract. Is it a sign of trouble for the smartphone manufacturer?
Social Media

LinkedIn takes interest in Pinterest with ‘LinkedIn Today’ page

LinkedIn has added more Pinterest-like features, allowing users to share, comment, or save shared content on its new "LinkedIn Today" page.

Samsung’s new retail store clearly inspired by Apple

Samsung opened the doors to its first North American retail store in Vancouver, and it looks a lot like an Apple store.

Most anticipated titles on Xbox, PS3, and Wii for the remainder of 2012

These are the most-anticipated games Xbox, PS3, and Wii based on Nielsen's Gamer Rank.

VEVO threatens to leave YouTube: Can they survive alone?

VEVO's founder, Doug Morris, frustrated by the cut that Google is taking from VEVO's revenue, is threatening to take its business to a competitor.
Social Media

Betaworks acquires Digg for meager $500,000

Digg has finally found a home. The social news site's remaining assets has been acquired by Betaworks for a meager $500,000, and will be folded into