Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Mike graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in poetry, and made his big break by writing love sonnets to the iPhone. He hasn't found a gadget he hasn't loved, and has been known to lose up to three cell phones a week in his beard.

Video: Can you pick out the Google Guru?

In 2000, Google co-founder Sergey Brin went on the TV game show "To Tell the Truth," and managed to successfully fool a celebrity panel into thinking he was not himself. Here's the video.

HBO Go is coming to game consoles and connected TVs

HBO's streaming content-on-demand service, HBO Go, will be coming to game consoles and Internet-connected TVs.
Cool Tech

Study: Wine prevents damage from sunburn, nerds rejoice

A study shows that a chemical in grapes and red wine helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
Android Army

Amazon’s ‘free app of the day’ burns developers, company gripes

Android app developer Shifty Jelly is speaking up about Amazon's free app of the day, revealing that Amazon doesn't always offer developers the 20-percent revenue share it advertises.
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Sony tired of losing money on TVs, plots revamp

Sony wants to change how it produces TVs in order to end its eight straight years of losing money on selling TVs.
Cool Tech

NASA invites 150 Twitter followers to Jupiter rocket launch

NASA invited 150 of its Twitter followers at random to attend the launch of the Juno spacecraft, which is heading to Jupiter.

Pictures of fake iPhone 5 may hint at the real thing

Pictures of a fake iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S might give us a hint as to what the actual next generation iPhone will look like.
Social Media

The Airbnb horror story continues

Despite assurance from Airbnb that it has righted the wrongs of a vandals who sacked a rental property, the vocal victim claims it's a PR masquerade.
Android Army

Lenovo ThinkPad tablet goes on sale August 23 for $479.99

Lenovo's ThinkPad Honeycomb tablet will bring a stylus, detachable keyboard and other business features to the Android game on August 23, starting at $479.99.
Android Army

Rumor: 7-inch Acer Iconia A100 tablet available in August for $300

Acer’s Iconia A100 7-inch Honeycomb tablet is rumored to be released in August, after a three-month delay.
Android Army

Motorola Mobility sells 440,000 tablets, 4.4 million smartphones in Q2

Motorola managed to sell 4.4 million smartphones in its second quarter, but only a tenth as many of its Xoom tablets.
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Video: Funny or Die outlines the real victims of Netflix price increase

Comedy video site Funny or Die takes on the Netflix price hike with a sketch featuring Jason Alexander.