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Mike Dunn

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Mike graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in poetry, and made his big break by writing love sonnets to the iPhone. He hasn't found a gadget he hasn't loved, and has been known to lose up to three cell phones a week in his beard.
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AT&T launching first 4G LTE phones, and expanding network on November 6

AT&T announced that it will be expanding its LTE network to four additional cities on November 6. The network will also launch its first two LTE handsets the HTC Vivid and the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket.
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Google finally updating Google TV with a new interface

Google announces an update to Google TV, it has redesigned the entire system and made it easier to search for content to watch. With all the major TV networks still blocking Google TV there might not be too much content to search through…

Microsoft demos new Xbox dashboard and WP7 Xbox companion app

While at Nokia World Microsoft shows off a newly styled Xbox dashboard and a new Windows Phone app to control your game console.
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Pictures of the Droid 4 leak out

Photos of the still unannounced Droid 4 have surfaced. The Droid 4 looks to be a complete redesign from the Droid 3 with what looks to be a thinner profile and styling that matches the Droid RAZR.
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Sony phasing out feature phones, banking on Smartphones

Now that Sony completely owns the Sony Ericsson phone company it has decided to start phasing out feature phones. This means that Sony will most likely be basing its future on the Android operating system.
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Asus Transformer Prime keyboard dock spotted in the wild

Last week the Asus Transformer Prime was shown offer, but today its new keyboard dock gets a close up. The keyboard looks very much like it is borrowed from an Apple laptop.

Sprint and Clearwire in talks to extend 4G agreement beyond 2012

With Sprint trying to launch a 4G LTE network by mid 2012 it is in talks with Clearwire to extend its current contract past 2012.
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Apple awarded patent for unlocking touchscreens

If you own a phone or tablet that requires you to slide the screen to unlock the device then it is now officially infringing on Apple's latest patent. Apple now owns the patent for unlocking touchscreen devices with a sliding motion.

BlackBerry trade-ins reach all time high

Due to the recent BlackBerry outage and the iPhone 4S announcement BlackBerry owners are trading-in their devices more than ever before.

Sprint and Apple are having nationwide data speed problems

Sprint and Apple are facing slow data speed problems on the iPhone 4S. The speed issues are isolated to Sprint's version of the iPhone 4S and it does not seem to be effecting either AT&T or Verizon.
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Update: Motorola to release Ice Cream Sandwich information 6 weeks after public release, updated again

Motorola tweets plans to release new hardware six weeks after the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich software.
Cool Tech

Video: Microsoft developing a HoloDesk

Microsoft uses a Kinect to help create a holographic desk that is is calling the HoloDesk. The HoloDesk allows users to interact with 3D holographic objects and they can even operate a holographic touchscreen phone.