Mike Dunn

Mike Dunn

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Mike graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in poetry, and made his big break by writing love sonnets to the iPhone. He hasn't found a gadget he hasn't loved, and has been known to lose up to three cell phones a week in his beard.

Video: Modern Warfare 3 strike packages explained

Activison has released a video that explains how the completely revamped multiplayer rewards system will work. Players are now able to find a reward system that better suites their play style.
Android Army

Amazon adds PBS to the Amazon Prime streaming library

Amazon signs a deal with PBS to bring current and archive content to the Amazon Prime streaming service. This new deal will increase Amazon's streaming library to 12,000 titles by the end of the year.

iOS 5 accounts for 20% of all iOS web traffic after only five days

In just five days iOS 5 has become the second most popular version of iOS, and accounts for 20% of all iOS web traffic.

Security hole in iPhone 4S allows Siri to access password protected phones

The personal assistant built into every iPhone 4s might leave your locked phone vulnerable. Even with a password protected phone Siri is able to send emails and text messages by default.
Android Army

Droid RAZR image leaked, shows off a super slim figure

A leaked image of the rumored Droid RAZR appears a day before the October 18 Motorola press event. The Droid RAZR is rumored to be an extremely thin Android phone on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

Could Apple really be starting production on the iPad 3?

The latest Apple rumor is focused on the iPad 3 being prepped for production almost six months before it is expected to be released.
Social Media

Google+ traffic continues to drop, down as much as 70%

Google+ traffic continues to decline while Google still struggles to keep users coming back to the social network. Traffic has dipped as much as 70 percent since the public launch on September 20.
Home Theater

Hulu takes itself off the auction block and is no longer for sale

It seems as though Hulu did not like any of the several purchase offers it received as it announced Thursday that it is no longer for sale.

The iPhone 4S gets torn apart for the world to enjoy

The people over at iFixit have managed to tear apart another new gadget even before it has become available to the general public. This time the victim is none other than the Apple iPhone 4S, and even though there aren't many surprises we…
Android Army

Samsung and Google reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich announcement to October 19

Samsung and Google announce the rescheduled Android Ice Cream Sandwich event to October 19 in Hong Kong. Due to the time difference the event will happen at 10PM EST October 18 and will be live streamed on YouTube.
Movies & TV

Die Hard 5 given a name and a 2013 release date

The name of the fifth Die Hard movie, as well as the release date are revealed on Sports talk radio show. A Good Day to Die Hard will start filming in January and be released on February 14, 2013.

RIM breaks its silence and explains why services are down for millions of users

BlackBerry services are down again in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere with no indication as to when it will be restored. This is the second day in a row that BlackBerry services have been unavailable.