Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff Duncan writes, programs, edits, plays music, and delights in making software misbehave. He's probably the only member of the Digital Trends staff who's played on hit records and had code running in space. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
Social Media

Facebook wants a piece of Twitter’s “social TV” action, but what does that mean for you?

Now that we've all given up and just watch TV with phones in hand and tablets on lap, Twitter has reaped the rewards of second screen engagement. But here comes Facebook ...

Did Microsoft just buy a new CEO along with Nokia?

Microsoft just plunked down $7.2 billion for Nokia's devices business and 32,000 employees - including former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop. Is Elop now Ballmer's most likely replacement?

Here’s why your email is insecure and likely to stay that way

Email is the Internet's original killer app, but it wasn't designed with security or privacy in mind. Can email ever be truly secure?

Huawei: We’re not a security threat, we’re just a pawn

Is the U.S. government blackballing Huawei just because it's headquartered in China? Huawei's William Plummer thinks so - and wishes the U.S. government would just grow up.

Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to the US?

A former head of the NSA says China's Huawei is a threat to the United States security - but nothing's ever been proven. Is Huawei just a scapegoat?

What Microsoft’s reorg says about its future (Hint: It’s not trying to be Apple)

Steve Ballmer's latest Microsoft re-org is the largest in decades. Will it lead the company to the forefront of consumer technology? Don't hold your breath.

Why is Thom Yorke pulling his music from Spotify? In a word: Royalties

Internet music services claim they're being killed by royalties; artists claim they're barely seeing any royalties at all. How do music royalties work, and who's right?

Mac pros: Is it time to consider a hackintosh?

Apple's limited Mac lineup can be frustrating, especially for pros who need to get stuff done. Could "hackintoshes" – PCs running OS X – be a solution? We think so, so read on to find out how to get started.

Computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart dead at 88

Douglas Engelbart may not be a household name, but he among the first to conceive of hypertext, online collaboration, graphical user interfaces, and - oh yes - the mouse.

The new Mac Pro changes the game for creative pros – will they keep playing with it?

Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro is a radical redesign, but will it meet the needs of professionals who rely on Apple's top-of-the-line Macs?

Big Brother has always been watching, but how much can he see?

The U.S. government has been collecting detailed info on the phone calls and Internet communications of millions of citizens for years. Is it legal? What do they do with the data?

Dear Apple: Can iCloud ‘just work’ already?

Steve Jobs promised iCloud would be the center of Apple users' digital lives. Two years later, are we any closer to a service that "just works" — and that can propel the next generation of great apps?