Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff Duncan writes, programs, edits, plays music, and delights in making software misbehave. He's probably the only member of the Digital Trends staff who's played on hit records and had code running in space. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Fox Sites Beat Yahoo For Web’s Top Slot

New Web site rankings from comScore Media Metrix sites owned by News Corp - like MySpace - had more page views in November than sites run by Yahoo.

Skype to Offer Unlimited U.S./Canada VoIP

Skype's unlimited calling promotion for U.S. and Canadian callers must have worked: the ViOP leader is now offering unlimited calls for $30/year.

JibJab Goes Nuckin’ Futs

JibJab struck online comedy gold with its election-year parodies: how does "Nuckin' Futs," their review of events in 2006, stack up?

Digital Music Sales "Collapsing?"

U.K.'s The Register reports data from Forrester Research showing iTunes have declined significantly in 2006, with other studies finding flat or declining sales.

Macworld Names 2006 Eddy Award Wnners

Macworld has announced its Eddy Award winners for innovative products in 2006.

AOL’s Gamedaily Signs the Pros

AOL's Gamedaily site has partnered with the "professional" Major Gaming League to offer MLG highlights and online tournaments.

Japan Probes LCD Makers On Antitrust Issues

Japan's Fair Trade Commission is investigated LCD makers Sharp, NEC, L.G. Philips, and others on allegations they agreed to limit production to keep prices high.
Home Theater

Consumers Prefer Movie Rentals to Downloads

A new survey from ABI Research finds only five percent of people who watch video on the Internet have rented or purchased a digital movie download.

Fujitsu Takes Mobile Drives to 300 GB

Fujitsu has announced 2.5-inch drives - ideal for notebooks and other small-footprint computers - with capacities up to 300 GB.

Verizon Takes Motorola Q to the Dark Side

Verizon Wireless will now let you have a Motorola Q smartphone in black - for a $50 premium.

Microsoft Releases XNA Game Studio Express

Microsoft has released XNA Game Studio Express, opening up game development on the Xbox 360, and launches a subscription-based XNA Creators Club for game developers.

Teens to Spend $3 Billion Online in 2006

A new report from JupiterResearch finds that teens will spend $3 billion online during 2006 - and influence far more online purchases.