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Gloria Sin

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When she is not tinkering with gadgets, Gloria is covering computing news for Digital Trends. She's a regular contributor to Tom's Hardware and Shaw Media, and has previously written for ZDNet and She also served as a judge for the 2013 CODiE Awards for the Best Mobile App for Consumers. In her off(line) hours, you will likely find her skating at a rink or watching a hockey game.

Ouya console shipping to Kickstarter backers with 104 games, available in stores June 4

The era the of $99 gaming system has begun. Ouya's Kickstarter backers will be getting their hands on the console first, as the company already started shipping to backers on March 28 with 104 games.

Vizio refreshes its Thin + Light laptops and All-in-Ones with touch and Gigabit Wi-Fi

Vizio today announced pricing and availability for its updated line of Thin + Light laptops (now with full HD touchscreens) and its new All-in-One Touch PCs that we saw earlier this year at CES.

Apple’s 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro drops to $1,300 at MacConnection

Good news for those who've been waiting for a cheaper Retina MacBook Pro. MacConnection has it on sale for $1,300, which is $200 cheaper than if you were to order the same laptop from Apple today.

Razer Edge gaming tablet shipping pre-loaded with Valve’s Steam software

Today at GDC in San Francisco, Razer announced that Valve's Steam software will come preloaded on the Edge and Edge Pro tablets, so you'll be able to play all the games on your Steam account on this Windows 8 slate.

Microsoft granted 3 design patents for Surface keyboard

Microsoft has been granted three design patents for the way the Surface and its keyboard accessories attach to each other. The patents protect the look and layout of the connectors that help the Surface and keyboard "click" together.

Google’s 4G LTE Chromebook Pixel is coming on April 8 for $1,450

If the 32GB Wi-Fi version of Google's recent Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel, isn't enough for you, the company announced its 4G LTE Pixel will be available April 8 for the low, low price of $1,450.

InFocus’ BigTouch: a 55-inch Windows 8 all-in-one for a whopping $5,000

The 18-inch Dell XPS 18 tablet/all-in-one hybrid is nothing compared to InFocus' huge, 55-inch BigTouch. This mammoth of a computer packs an Intel Core i5 processor, a 120GB SSD, and integrated graphics. However, it comes at a hefty price:…

FAA may soon allow use of approved electronic devices during take-off & landing

Sources told The New York Times that the Federal Aviation Administration is looking at becoming more lax on its rule of turning off all electronic devices during take-off and landing. Chances are that we'll be able to use our gadgets during…

Apple tweaks Retina MacBook Pro tagline thanks to Chromebook Pixel

With the introduction of the new Chromebook Pixel, Apple can no longer claim that its Retina MacBook Pros are "the highest-resolution notebook ever," forcing the company to change its advertising.

Google bringing super-fast Fiber Internet service to Olathe, Kansas

After rolling out Google Fiber to Kansas City, Google will be bringing its ultra fast broadband Internet network to the city of Olathe, Kansas. Google Fiber promises up to 1GB of upload and download speeds plus crystal clear high-definition…

China building its own Ubuntu-based national operating system

As part of China's five-year plan to promote open source software, the Chinese government has signed a deal with Canonical, maker of Ubuntu, to build a state-endorsed operating system based on Ubuntu.

Princess Zelda is the hero in this ‘The Legend of Zelda’ mod

Designer Kenna W hacks 'The Legend of Zelda' by making Princess Zelda into a sword-wielding and fire-jumping hero who saves Hyrule and Link, in a gender-reversal of the classic Nintendo franchise.