Gloria Sin

Gloria Sin

Gloria’s tech journey really began when she was studying user centered design in university, and developed a love for observing how people actually use technology. Her bylines include Fast Company, ZDNet, and Tom’s Hardware. She often judges mobile apps competitions like the SIIA CODiE Awards and the Mobile Apps Showdown at CES. When she’s not tripping over various cords and plugs, you can probably find her skating up a storm in a ice rink somewhere.

Hands on: Hisense takes on the Nexus 7 with the $100 Sero 7 LT and $150 Sero 7 Pro

We go hands on with Hisense's new Sero 7 LT and Sero 7 Pro, two new low-cost Android tablets that will soon give the Nexus 7 some competition.

Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows brings voice and gesture control to your PC… next year

Kinect for Windows hopes to "revolutionize computing experiences" by opening the platform to developers and designers to come up with new ways to use the PC for non-gaming purposes.

HP updates desktop lineup with new Intel Haswell and AMD chips, starts at $290

HP outfits five new desktops with the latest processors and discrete graphics from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. There is literally a shiny new PC for everyone from gamers to students for every budget.

Does the Xbox One’s Windows kernel mean it will run Windows 8 apps?

The next-gen Xbox One may have all the hallmarks of a Window 8 PC – x86 processor, 8GB RAM, and 500 GB of internal storage – but Windows 8 apps won't just work on the game console.

Rumor: Google is turning Quickoffice into a cloud-based Microsoft Office competitor

Google is reportedly making Quickoffice the .DOCX-compatible app the "foundation of Google Apps," which could pose a serious threat to Microsoft's rival cloud-based Office Web Apps.

Microsoft scores $400M deal with NFL, coaches to use Surface tablets during games

Microsoft will be supplying Surface tablets to NFL coaches and players so they can review e-playbooks and watch instant replays rather than look at paper-based signs and Polaroids during games.

‘Okay, Google’: Voice search goes live with latest version of Chrome

The "conversational search" feature that Google demoed at I/O is now available with version 27 of the Chrome browser, which lets you use your voice to search the Web and Google will speak its answers back to you.

Google brings Chrome OS App Launcher to OS X, download the beta now

The beta Chrome app launcher is now available on Mac OS X, which is designed for users who want to access Google apps like Gmail, Drive and the Google Play store directly from their desktop.

Dell’s sub-$100 Project Ophelia USB-sized PC ships this summer

Dell's Android-based mini-PC Project Ophelia turns every screen with a HDMI socket into a computer. It'll be rolling out to developers in July, then to consumers later this summer.

Samsung to unveil better-than-Retina 3200 x 1800 laptop display

Both Samsung and Sharp are working on better-than-Retina panels for laptops. While the Samsung is exhibiting a 13-inch WQXGA+ LCD screen, Sharp has a 15-inch QHD+ panel with IGZO technology.

Epson’s augmented reality smart glasses show off gesture control at Google I/O

APX Labs showed off its enhanced Moverio BT-100 smart glasses from Epson that can navigate a virtual wall of YouTube videos with a just tilt of your head. The $700 smart glasses feature a pair of transparent lenses so you can see 3D…

Microsoft working to bring standardized touch input to Chrome

The Microsoft Open Technologies group is trying to unify and standardize coding for pen, touch, and mouse inputs across all Web browsers. In particular, it is working with the Blink community to bring its standard to Chrome.