Graeme McMillan

Graeme McMillan

A transplant from the west coast of Scotland to the west coast of America, Graeme is a freelance writer with a taste for pop culture and technological trends. In addition to Digital Trends, you can find his work on and

Scientists discover genuine use for AR vision by giving firefighters thermal vision

While augmented reality is cool, we've yet to see it in a practical, real world use. That is, until ProFiTex came along to help firefighters measure the space and heat behind the other side of the door.

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MySpace and Jimmy Kimmel partner up to stream live concerts

Now that MySpace is reborn and attempting to win over the hearts of the Internet's music lovers, the social network's teamed up with ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to stream exclusive concert series.


Achievement unlocked! Pink Floyd back catalogs now available on Spotify

It's taken some time, but Spotify users can finally listen to the entire Pink Floyd (and David Gilmour) back catalogs following a stunt to get one track streamed a million time to unlock the other songs.


Are cable companies breaking the law to keep Internet TV down?

If you've ever wondered why most online television providers are particularly limited with their choice of programming, the answer may have something to do with the traditional cable and satellite providers, who might have reason to be nervous.


British woman nearly jailed for suggesting to ‘burn mosques’ on Facebook

As if it wasn't already obvious, you should watch what you say on Facebook - especially if your views is majorly offensive. One British woman learned this the hard way after her racist comments almost landed her in jail.

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BMI files lawsuit to get Pandora to pay fair licensing fees

Streaming Internet radio provider Pandora may find itself with legally-imposed fees for the music it provides after Broadcast Music Inc. filed a lawsuit asking the court to decide just how much musicians and songwriters should be paid for their work online.


Having a bad day? Here’s how to make it better with just one click

There are those bad days that can only warrant an exasperated, exhausted curse word - but your day has been so bad that you can't even find the energy to do so. Thankfully, the Internet has come up with a solution for you.


This time, ‘Angry Birds’ are Going in a new direction

They've spent years taking down the greedy green pigs, but after five incarnations of the original game, Rovio is teasing a different gameplay in the new 'Angry Birds Go!' Is it enough to continue the franchise's momentum?


Comic creation goes digital with ComiXwriter software

After years of making do with regular word processing programs, do comic writers need a specialized software to help them create their scripts? One start-up is hoping the answer is yes, and he's got a Kickstarter riding on the results.

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Time Warner Cable now lets subscribers watch its content without a cable box

Say goodbye to the cable box forever... well, only if you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber with a Samsung Smart television. The two companies have announced a partnership that'll see the TVs stream content directly from a TWC app.

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Google asks the U.S. Government to disclose NSA requests after Prism controversy

After it was revealed that Google had shared private information with U.S. authorities as part of the controversial Prism program, the company is now requesting that the NSA tells everyone what Google did share.


‘Game of Thrones’ sets a new piracy record with season finale

Just as the final episode of the third season of HBO's popular fantasy series 'Game of Thrones' hits a new ratings record for the premium cable channel, it also sets a new piracy record.


Reminder: Kickstarter can pull the plug on your project for no reason

If Kickstarter decides it doesn't want to run your campaign and ends your project midway through, do you have any way of appealing that decision or defending your tarnished reputation? A new lawsuit may answer that question.


Amazon Storyteller will turn your screenplays into a visual storyboard

Amazon Studios continues to streamline the movie and television show-making process with Storyteller, a new tool that semi-automates written screenplays into visual, customizable storyboards.

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China builds the fastest computer ever without even trying

Chinese scientists have built a brand new super computer that is so fast, it has utterly decimated the previous record for the fastest computer ever constructed. And that's before it even reached full capacity.