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Graeme McMillan

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A transplant from the west coast of Scotland to the west coast of America, Graeme is a freelance writer with a taste for pop culture and technological trends. In addition to Digital Trends, you can find his work on and
Social Media

Winklevoss twins invest in ‘SumZero’ social network

Consider it social media deja vu: Having settled a lawsuit over ownership of Facebook, the Winklevoss twins are investing part of their settlement in... a new social network. What could go wrong this time?

Why aren’t there more movies based on apps?

We've seen movies based on toys, comics, television shows and even other movies. So where are the movies based on new digital media? Perhaps Hollywood isn't ready, claims a new New York Times report.

EA and Sony partner to boost real world veteran non-profit orgs

Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor: Warfighter franchise is to get a special extension at the end of this year, with maps adding real-world locations used in an upcoming movie about the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden being added, and proceeds…

Malware present on PCs before they even reach stores, says Microsoft

Your machine could be infected by malware before you even turn it on for the first time, according to investigations from Microsoft's digital crimes division now made public as part of a lawsuit against a man suspected to be responsible for…
Social Media

What Facebook can tell us about Obama and Romney’s supporters

Compass Labs, a social media platform, has released a comparison of the likes and dislikes of Facebook supporters of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, revealing the unsurprising differences - and very surprising similarities - between the two…

ABC adds three more shows to Netflix to win over new viewers for fall premieres

ABC has added three series to Netflix's Watch Instantly service, hoping to win over new fans for each show ahead of the upcoming broadcasts of their second season premieres.

Google blacklists sites run by family of British politician

Google has placed almost twenty websites owned and operated by the wife, sister and mother of a prominent British politician on a black list after an investigation has found that they have been illegally harvesting other people's content in…

Philip Roth unable to correct Wikipedia entry about his own novel

Celebrated novelist Philip Roth has a problem: Even though he knows the true origins of his book "The Human Stain," Wikipedia refuses to correct its version of events on his say-so alone.
Social Media

Pinterest overtakes Yahoo in organic traffic

All hail the new fourth-in-command of Internet traffic: Pinterest has unseated Yahoo! as a leading source of online traffic, according to a new report that also shows a drop in traffic referrals across other social sources.

‘Homestuck’ heads towards new Kickstarter record

A Kickstarter campaign to translate a webcomic into an adventure game looks set to break the record for the most money raised for a comic-related project on the crowdsourcing campaign. What is so appealing about 'Homestuck'?
Social Media

Michelle Obama’s Tuesday speech drives 28K tweets per minute

Michelle Obama's keynote speech at last night's Democratic National Convention provoked almost twice as much conversation on Twitter as Mitt Romney's address to the Republican Convention last week. Is there a message in there about who the…
Cool Tech

California motors towards self-driving future

They're not even released to the public yet, but California is already preparing for the age of the self-driving car, passing legislation to make such vehicles legal on its roads.