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Graeme McMillan

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A transplant from the west coast of Scotland to the west coast of America, Graeme is a freelance writer with a taste for pop culture and technological trends. In addition to Digital Trends, you can find his work on and

How much is a hacked phone nude pic worth?

Have you ever wondered what counts when it comes to calculating the amount of financial restitution cyber criminals have to pay for hacking celebrities' phones? Now (some of) the math has been revealed, but it still feels very much like fuzzy math.


Now you can be Big Brother’s little helper with Facewatch app

A new mobile app in the UK allows users to view CCTV images to help identify suspects from the 2011 riots, making public service - and disturbing voyeurism-turned-vigilantism - just that little bit easier.


To Tweet or not to Tweet: A beginner’s guide for brand awareness on Twitter

How best to take advantage of Twitter to increase awareness of your brand or product? A new free report offers some suggestions born of three months' worth of analysis.

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Salman Rushdie fatwa becomes bizarre video game

How best to remind Islamic youth of a 23 year old death threat issued against an author over a blasphemous book? Apparently, the answer is to turn the very real call for execution into a videogame.


FBI arrest 24 after online credit card sting

The FBI has announced details of an online sting operation that lasted two years, included authorities from 30 different countries, and has resulted in the arrest of 24 individuals trading in illegally-obtained personal information, including credit card…


Is Microsoft really going to start making its own Windows Phone?

Does the release of Surface, Microsoft's first internally-manufactured tablet device, mean that the company is going to move into the business of manufacturing its own phones? Perhaps someone should ask someone at Microsoft and see if they can get a straight…


LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to some hacks, denies sharing info

Ryan Cleary, the 20 year old Briton accused of masterminding hacks against the Pentagon, CIA and Fox News, has appeared in court in the UK and plead guilty to charges against him - but not all of the charges.


New ‘Twilight’ trailer breaks records for Yahoo! Movies

There may be only one Twilight movie left in the series, but it's going out with a bang. The trailer for the final movie, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, has broken streaming records for Yahoo! Movies, with over 7,000,000 streams in just 24 hours.

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Now you can travel to the Moon… for just $100 million

How much would you pay to spend a few days orbiting the moon on a specially-outfitted space station? If your answer was $100 million, then it's your lucky day, as one company is asking exactly that amount to make that dream a reality.


The future of Video on Demand? More variety in ads, and having to sit through them no matter what

Comcast has identified a growth area of its business: selling ads for Video on Demand programming. The only hurdles are the need for more free VoD content and making sure that the viewer will sit and watch each ad - but it's already working on solution for…


Supreme Court overturns FCC indecency regulations

The Supreme Court has ruled that the FCC was wrong to censure ABC and Fox over indecency violations in 2003 and 2004, but stopped short of telling the federal agency that said violation policies were outdated and in possible violation of free speech rights.


Would you ditch HBO for Netflix?

Would you give up your cable subscription for the Internet? Probably not - but what if you had been taught that the Internet removes the need for a subscription before you'd signed on in the first place?


Apple’s iPads to get two competitor web browsers to Safari

If you've been feeling as if your iPad needed another Internet browser that wasn't called "Safari," then have patience: Not one but two competitors are rumored to be coming to your rescue very soon.


Does the UN want to take over the Internet? Not according to the UN

There's only one problem with the conspiracy theory that Russia, China and other countries are planning on using an upcoming conference to hand control of the Internet to a United Nations agency: The agency is making a point of telling people that it's just…


British politician launches US-only alternative to Twitter

Calling all Political Junkies! Concerned that current social media doesn't allow you to get your coherent discussion on without losing track of conversations in all the churn? Perhaps you're ready for Menshn.

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