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Ian Bell

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Dell introduces new 2100MP projector

Dell today announced the 2100MP, a digital projector capable of all these things, and as easy on your shoulder as it is on your budget.

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TI shows off new tri-wireless PDA concept

Code named "WANDA" (Wireless Any Network Digital Assistant), the concept design is powered by TI´s OMAPTM processors, multiple TI wireless technologies and Microsoft´s Pocket PC OS.


Sony shift’s production of PS2 to China

Sony plans to move production of its PlayStation 2 system to China next year as the rivalry from Microsoft's Xbox forces the world's largest video-game console maker to watch costs.

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Industry divided over DVDs

DVD-recorder drives for computers possess an attractive combination of virtues. They're increasingly cheap and actually useful, both for making home movies and for backing up data.


D&M Holdings Inc to aquire McIntosh Labs

D&M Holdings Inc. have announced that it has agreed to acquire McIntosh Laboratory, Inc., from Clarion Corporation of America.

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V Inc. introduces 46 Inch Vizio plamsa TV

V Inc. has just announced the shipment of its 46 inch digital plasma television. The Vizio P4 has a native resolution of 852 x 480 (pixels).

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Alienware announces Centrino based laptop

Alienware announced the availability of Intel Centrino mobile technology in their new line of Hive-Mindm mobile systems.


Sharp to lower prices on Aquos TV’s

Sharp announced aggressive price reductions on selected models of its AQUOS Liquid Crystal Television product line.

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Turtle Beach AudioTron Review

What perked our interested in the Audiotron was that not only could it stream MP3's and music from your computer and the internet but was the fact that it was component width which…

  • Pros: Many options for customizing and sorting your music
  • Cons: Not as easy to setup as advertised

TDK VeloCD 24/10/40F Review

The TDK VeloCD Firewire 24/10/40F CD ReWriter runs flawlessly, is fast and looks extremely cool. While it supports Mac systems, the software provided is pretty thin.

  • Pros: Burns fast, reliable and has good documentation
  • Cons: Thin Apple software package

B & W debuts high-end subs

The latest models to advance this tradition are B&W’s new 15-inch ASW-850 and 12-inch ASW-800 subwoofers with 1,000-watt (continuous) audio power .

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Sony unveils UK PS2 online gaming beta plan

Consumers in the UK will get their first taste of PlayStation 2 online gaming at the end of this month, as public trials for broadband users begin on March 31st .


Microsoft heads for the arcades

A project within Microsoft's Xbox division aimed at creating arcade systems based on the console's hardware is coming close to bearing its first fruit, according to reports.


Logitech debuts PS2 keyboard and mouse

Logitech announced that its USB Keyboard and Optical Mouse designed for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system are scheduled to arrive on shelves in the U.S. this month.


Sega denies EA rumours, restates Sammy plan

An official statement from Sega president Hideki Sato has poured cold water on rumours of bids from US-based giant EA.