Ian Bell

Ian Bell

I work with the best people in the world and get paid to play with gadgets. What's not to like?

Kinnarps Plus [8] Office Chair Review

Little known Kinnarps has a hit on their hands with the Plus [8] Office Chair. Featuring total customization including fabric, arms and headrest. You won't know what you are…

  • Pros: Very customizable, solid ergonomics
  • Cons: Hard to find in the US

LaCie 40 GB Pocket Drive Review

What do you get when you put both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces onto a pocket sized 40 GB hard drive? You get complete compatibility and portability.

  • Pros: Both Firewire and USB support
  • Cons: Expensive

Logitech MX700 Review

Logitech is hoping that with the introduction of their new MX700 cordless mouse, gamers may look at their product as a viable solution.

  • Pros: Excellent for gaming , rechargeable battery
  • Cons: Poor mouseware software

Philips 32FD9954 Review

Philips new 32FD9954 32" Plasma television offers new plasma technology, high definition connectivity and a unique design to compliment any contemporary room.

  • Pros: Above average picture quality
  • Cons: Lacks advanced features without the FTR9964 E-Box Receiver

Bravo Disc Publisher

This CD publishing powerhouse is surprisingly small considering what Primera has stuffed inside.


Sony Vaio C1MW PictureBook

What makes the C1MW truly unique is its size coupled with just about every feature imaginable.


Banryu the Robot Guard Dog

Think of Banryu as a giant Aibo who is here to perform a actual function in your home.

Cool Tech

Xentex Flip-pad Voyager

In it's twice-folded state, the Xentex Flip-Pad Voyager is about the size of a really large laptop.


Cooler Master ATC-610

This MicroATX case is made of all aluminum alloy, and currently availible in stereo black.


Gateway Profile 4XL

The 2.66GHz Pentium 4 CPU is miles ahead of the iMac's 800MHz CPU.


Frontier Labs NEX IIe

What it lacks in internal memory, the Frontier Labs NEX IIe makes up for in price.

Cool Tech

Sony Clie PEG-NZ90

This rather large PDA has a 2 mega-pixel camera and MP3/ATRAC3 playback capabilities.

Cool Tech

NEC LT 260 Projector

This digital projector caught our eye recently at the fabled wonderland that is CES.

Home Theater

Philips DesXcape 150DM Smart Display

Compute in style with Philips new DesXcape 150DM Smart Display. Calling Mr. Bond...


Sony Ericsson T68I Review

Could the Sony Ericsson T68i be the best bang for your buck? With features like Bluetooth connectivity, synchornization with outlook and more the T68i is hard to beat.

  • Pros: A ton of features and a great price
  • Cons: Tempermental reception and poor visibility in daylight