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Ian Bell

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Sony Ericsson unveils Z1010 dual mode phone

Today, at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, Sony Ericsson unveiled the Z1010 dual mode UMTS/GSM-GPRS phone, designed for imaging, messaging and connectivity applications.


Nokia ships 3650 imaging phone

Nokia, announced today that it has begun shipments of the award-winning Nokia 3650 in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The 3650 has been available in China for a while.


Sony develops X-tal reflective technology

Sony provided a briefing related to the development of Silicon Crystal [X-tal] Reflective Display a new display technology that delivers full high-definition resolution with over 3000:1 contrast ratio.


Netgear delivers new dual band products

Netgear has announced they will integrate Atheros’ award-winning 802.11a/b/g WLAN chipset into its next-generation wireless networking products.


Analysts differ over Nintendo’s future

Two conflicting reports on Nintendo's market status and future prospects have been released, with two major research firms at odds over where the Japanese giant stands.


Lindows becomes portable

US Linux-based computer maker Lindows said Thursday that it is offering its first notebook computer at a retail price of 799 US dollars, far below similarly equipped notebook computers.


Klipsch shifts gears

On February 13, the Indianapolis-based manufacturer announced that it would discontinue its relationships with retailer chain the Tweeter Home Entertainment Group

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New Dell XPS to use Intel Extreme CPU

The fastest Intel processor is now available on Dimension XPS desktops and DellTM PrecisionTM 360 workstations.