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Ian Bell

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Motorola Droid X Screen Failures, Privacy Issue

Several reports are now surfacing outlining a number of Motorola Droid X problems and issues.


More Wireless Broadband Options to Hit U.S. Soon

Clear Wireless will soon have more competitors as LightSquared and others enter the new market space.


Honda to Join Plug-in Electric Car Market by 2012

Honda's first plug-in electric car will be hitting both Japanese and U.S. shores by as early as 2012.


Samsung Joins RIM, Claims Apple is Wrong About Reception Issues

Both Samsung and RIM say Steve's Jobs claim that reception issues hit every manufacturer is blatantly false.


Analysts Happy With Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Response

Apple should be fine for now as analysts have stated they are happy with how Apple addressed the antenna problems.


Sharp Creates 100GB Blu-ray Disc

100GB Blu-ray discs are here thanks to Sharp Japan. The price? Just $60 per disc.

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RIM Responds to Apple’s Claim Blackberry Phones Have Problems Too

RIM executives claim Steve Jobs is trying to divert attention away from the iPhone 4's poor design and reminds everyone that the Blackberry phones do not need a case to work properly.


Nixon Apollo Headphones

The Nixon Apollo headphones look 60's retro but produce some amazing sound.

Cool Tech

Video Game Sales Slump Again in June

Game sales tumbled again for the second straight month despite strong sales for Red Dead Redemption and others.


Phiaton PS 20 NC Headphones

Who needs those bulky noise canceling headphones when you can get a sleek pair of Phiaton PS 20 NC headphones instead?

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Minority Report Style Ads Hitting Japan

New billboards in Japan will be able to tell who you are and target ads specifically to your tastes. That's the theory anyways.


Apple to Address Reception Problems Friday in Press Conference

Apple is calling a surprise press conference this Friday, likely to address the various issues surrounding the iPhone 4 reception problems.


Incase for iPhone 4

Incase gave us a sneak peek at what they have in store for their case collection for the iPhone 4. Set for release at the end of the month, Incase will be releasing updates versions of their popular Slider Cases, Protective Cases, and Snap cases in a variety…


Microsoft Exec Says the iPhone 4 is Apple’s Vista

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner thinks the iPhone 4 could be the equivalent blunder of Microsoft Vista.


Some PS3 Owners Can Use Hulu Plus Now

Sony is sending out invites to a number of PS3 owners as part of a trial period.