Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Her other interests include board games, good food, and Jason Mraz. You can get to know her more through Twitter (@MrazGal), Instagram (@thatgaljam), or jamkotenko.com, which she's trying to update more.
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Culling your Facebook flock? Prepare for the 5 stages of ‘unfriending’

Research says hitting 'unfriend' is a fairly complicated and serious social media endeavor. But if you're considering a friend-purge, first you must go through the 5 Stages of Unfriending.
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Stickers are now available via Facebook’s Web platform

Can't say it in words? Plain old photo not doing trick? Now you can say it with stickers via Facebook Chat via the Web client. The option was previously made available for mobile. But all we can think about is what this means is next ...
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Surprise! Twitter is still teeming with fake accounts

The Twitter spam and bot problem is a well known one, and a new study says it hasn't been fixed. According to the research, spammers are getting craftier and able to elude fake follower detection tools as well.
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New app will allow you to create more reaction selfies than the world needs

Sometimes words just aren't enough. To spice up your boring day so far, here's a site that will turn your face into a snazzy animated GIF. Enjoy!

How to save your Google Reader data – before it’s too late

Before you say sayonara to your Google Reader feeds scheduled to go kaput at the end of the day, make sure you exhaust all your efforts to save your data.
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All you #nofilter liars on Instagram, prepare to be outed by this new site

If you want to find out if a photo on your Instagram feed really is filter-free, you can find out by submitting a link to FIlter Fakers. The site is calling out all those #nofilter frauds on Instagram - at least, as many as its algorithm…

Google Reader is dead but the race to replace the RSS feed is very alive

Today marks the death of Google Reader, but the market is bursting with new options. It's time to get excited for an RSS feed renaissance.
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Yelp sues business selling fake reviews

Yelp is sick and tired of sites like BuyYelpReview that offer to write fake testimonials to increase a business's popularity on the recommendations platform.
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Facebook is testing a chat room feature, so it must be 2001

Facebook is reportedly building a chat room function to further entrench the social media site into our digital lives.
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Imgur releases its own meme generator, and we’re worried the Internet might break

Imgurians all over the world can now rest easy, for their favorite go-to place for funny photos has developed and released its own meme creation tool.
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Researchers say Facebook security breach affected more users than the social network admits

Facebook claims only 6 million users were affected by a bug in the Download Your Information tool, but researchers discovered it did a lot more damage. Should you be worried?
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Is this app responsible for the out of control Instagram hashtag situation?

Instagram can be a little bit hard to bear, thanks to people's overuse of hashtags. Are services like Instatag to blame for this bad habit?