Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Her other interests include board games, good food, and Jason Mraz. You can get to know her more through Twitter (@MrazGal), Instagram (@thatgaljam), or jamkotenko.com, which she's trying to update more.

Game of Thrones is the most seeded file on BitTorrent – and HBO is flattered

Fans of Game of Thrones all over the globe are rejoicing over the show's return, especially those who watch it courtesy of seeded torrent files. Hopefully, these numbers will convince HBO to offer that rumored HBO Go standalone option -…

The science and sociopathy of social media celebri-hating

It shouldn't be all that surprising: Give a wide audience the ability to consumer and create content about celebrities, and we'll push all of the ethical boundaries you can think of. The science of hate, coupled with our constantly tuned-in…
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Scary statistics show that sex offenders are taking over social media

The world is full of all kinds of sexual criminals, and they're all honing in on sites like Twitter and Facebook for their next victim. As social sites ranks increase, it only makes sense that plenty of those new users will be criminals -…
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Are you an above-average Facebook user? You might be racist, study says

Have you ever gone on Facebook only to be bombarded by a barrage of racially charged posts, links, and comments from your growing social network? Sure, you may be rolling your eyes in disgust now, but according to new research, the more…

April Fools 2013 Roundup: YouTube closes, Twttr eliminates vowels, and more

It's April Fool's day, and that means every company and service on the Web wants to make you laugh. This year, Google closes YouTube, Kayak starts a dating site, Toshiba launches the ShibaSphere game console, The Rural Juror hits Hulu…
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Would you give up Instagram for $100k? Mobli wants to make you an offer you can’t refuse

Admit it: You'd do a lot of things for $100,000 - include give up Instagram and post your last shot. If so, you need check out Mobli's MyLastInstagram contest, which is giving using the chance to post and tag their last shots with Mobli and…
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According to overly obvious study, we are addicted to the Facebook mobile app

Social media can be quite habit-forming, and with the way smartphones are dominating the consumer market these days, Facebook is one of the most addicting mobile apps out there.

Did Amazon’s storage cloud burst?

If you think extra precaution is not necessary when it comes to backing up files online, think again. A security expert found that a shocking amount of users were properly protecting their stored files, exposing incredibly private…
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Celebrating Tumblr’s 100 million blog milestone

Tumblr is churning out millions of blogs - and here are some of our favorites that managed to turn an Internet pastime into a Web-based business.

Hands on: Let Serendip reunite you with the music soul mates you never knew you had

With the help of your friends and other individuals who share your taste in music, you can access a well-rounded playlist on Serendip.
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Don’t click that link! New Facebook spam features child porn and an account-controlling virus

Another virus-causing link has found its way into Facebook, and this time it's an incredibly graphic and upsetting video. Learn to protect yourself, your friends, and your kids from this kind of content.

Hands on: MixShape dishes out tunes for the right mood

MixShape wants a peak into your Spotify playlists so it can improve them, increasing your music DJ cred along the way. The art of the mixtape might be back.