Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

Former Digital Trends Contributor
When she's not busy watching movies and TV shows or traveling to new places, Jam is probably on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Her other interests include board games, good food, and Jason Mraz. You can get to know her more through Twitter (@MrazGal), Instagram (@thatgaljam), or jamkotenko.com, which she's trying to update more.

A few reasons why social media is freaking amazing (and also sort of depressing)

A peak into how our obsession with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google have grown and infiltrated our lives. These stats are simultaneously remarkable and depressing.


Spotify finally becomes a real social music network with new ‘Follow’ feature

Spotify is supposed to be first true music-focused social network, but these efforts, save for heavy Facebook integration, have been rather stalled. Now Spotify is putting its social foot forward by updating its desktop app with the new Follow tab, enabling…


Thanks for oversharing, famous people! The Oscars, as retold by celebs’ social media accounts

Celebs are just like you and me: They photo-overshare anything and everything they think is awesome - and that of course, includes the 2013 Oscars. Relive Sunday through the eyes and social media accounts of the rich and famous.

Movies & TV

Will we ever run out of original tweets? Math says ‘no’

XKCD What If? tries to answer a question about the possible number of original tweets available and how long it would take to read all of them. And we're in luck: Turns out, Twitter will forever remain a source of original content.

Social Media

This app wants to keep your Facebook account virus and hack free

As smartphones become increasingly at risk to malicious activity, one security company is targeting the issue with a new suite of smartphone-facing safeguards. Trend Micro releases an enhanced version of their mobile security app to amp up your Facebook…