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Jeff Hughes

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I'm a SF Bay Area-based writer/ninja that loves anything geek, tech, comic, social media or gaming-related.

New lawsuit hits Sony, says company ignored security warnings

A new class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony claiming the company knew but didn't care about their weak network security issues.

LulzSec hits Arizona police computers, reveals sensitive data

Arizona police officials get their computers hacked by Lulz Security who uploaded a huge file of sensitive data onto a popular file sharing site.
Movies & TV

Official ‘The Hobbit’ sneak peak, Martin Freeman’s huge feet

Official sneak peak behind the scenes at The Hobbit with shots of Gandalf and Martin Freeman's Bilbo, as well as the biggest hobbit feet so far.

Foursquare’s upcoming AMEX partnership helps users check-in to better deals

A new partnership with American Express is helping Foursquare users to more significant deals and shows that the company is growing up.

Rumor: PopCap Games gets $1 billion offer from mystery buyer

PopCap is rumored to have been bought for the high sum of $1 billion. No news on who the mystery buyer may be.

FBI seizes DigitalOne servers in Virginia raid

The FBI has raided DigitalOne servers in Virginia in a hunt for hackers.

Hulu tempted to sell by mystery bidder

Hulu is being tempted to sell by a mystery bidder who's reaffirming the streaming video's company's pivotal spot in the online video world.

Hacker vigilantes Web Ninjas lashing out at LulzSec

Web Ninjas, the hacking group with possible ties to Th3J35t3r, is lashing out at LulzSec and claiming to have exposed their leader Sabu.
Android Army

Ultrasonic payment service Zoosh bridges NFC gaps

Sunnyvale based Naratte is developing an alternative mobile payment option. Zoosh may be able to cover all the current gaps in NFC technology.

Bill to legalize Online poker betting coming soon

Rep. Joe Barton is readying an online poker bill which legalize processing payments may introduced next week.

Spam storm clogs the Kindle self-publishing platform

Amazon's Kindle self-publishing is getting clogged with super cheap low quality spam.

Facebook app coming soon to iPad?

Unofficial: Facebook app will finally be coming to the iPad soon, in a matter of weeks.