Jeff Saginor

Jeff Saginor

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Jeff is a New Yorker living in Washington, DC. He writes about technology and policy.

Venture Capital firm made $78 million on $250,000 investment in Instagram, still called failure

If you needed more evidence of a startup tech bubble, look no further than the VC firm that made $250,000 turn into $78,000,000 on the Facebook/Instagram deal — and why it could have been much, much more.
Android Army

Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up on Amazon Germany, sports 4.7-inch Super AMOLED. Danke!

The long-awaited Galaxy S3 has popped up on Amazon's German site, supporting earlier claims of Android 4.0 and a larger Super AMOLED display, but makes no mention of processor type or speed.

Microsoft does good: Windows Phone 7 users will get free upgrade to Windows Phone 8

A Microsoft employee has confirmed that all Windows Phone handsets will get the highly-anticipated upgrade to Windows Phone 8 — what does this mean for the future of Redmond's mobile OS?

David versus Goliath: Children’s book publisher pulls its titles from Amazon and what it means for you

The Educational Development Corporation, the latest publisher to go head to head with web giant Amazon, has pulled its books from the retailer's virtual shelves. But what does this relatively small move really mean for the future of…

BlackBerry’s ousted CEO had a plan to save the company — and it didn’t involve new phones

Sources close to the former RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie claim that the company was close to opening its famed network to wireless carriers for the use of any device, paving the way for low-priced data plans. But the deal was reportedly killed…

Can I turn on the coffee pot with my computer? Study reveals bizarre helpdesk requests

A new study shows that we rely on our IT helpdesk for much more than just computer trouble.

AT&T will unlock your off-contract iPhone starting this Sunday

A policy shift will allow AT&T's out-of-contract iPhone owners to unlock their devices starting April 8.

Yahoo versus the hedge fund billionaire: A Silicon Valley soap opera

As Yahoo! struggles to stay relevant to a changing Internet, hedge-fund billionaire Daniel S. Loeb is vying to take control of the company.
Social Media

Social media makes you hate customer service less

A new study has found sites such as Twitter and Facebook actually reduce the impact of customer complaints.

Siri on your MacBook Pro…and in your camera? New patent paves the way

Apple may be planning a bright future for Siri, according to a recent patent filing.
Android Army

Amazon to launch 10-inch tablet to compete directly with iPad, sources say

Sources indicate that Amazon may release up to four new tablets in 2012, with a 10-inch model directly competing with Apple's iPad.

How the US may already be losing the cyberwar

Former counterterrorism head Richard A. Clarke makes the case for tougher protections against cyber attacks — and why it may already be too late.