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Jeff Saginor

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Jeff is a New Yorker living in Washington, DC. He writes about technology and policy.

Rumor: Apple MacBook Pro sans optical drive enters production

Following rumors that Apple will be merging its MacBook Air and Pro notebook lines, reports have surfaced indicating that Apple will keep the "Pro" label, but slim down the laptop by ditching the optical drive.


J.D. Power: Consumers most dissatisfied with smartphone battery life

Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction among smartphone makers, but users are increasingly frustrated by the poor battery life of their devices.


MacBook Air Pro: Apple to combine notebook lineup, says source

A rumored 15-inch MacBook Air may reveal the future of Apple.


Groupon offers $12,500 visit to sunken Titanic

Groupon is offering a "once-in-a-lifetime" trip to explore the Titanic, but is anybody buying?


PC deathwatch: Cloud to replace personal computers by 2014, says study

A new report by Gartner offers a compelling argument for the death of the PC — or more accurately — the rise of the cloud.


AT&T upgrades iPhone to 4G. Wait, what?

AT&T's marketing department worked overtime and somehow managed to supercharge the iPhone 4S with 4G speed. At least that's what they'd like you to think.


BlackBerry looks for a fountain of youth and enlists College Humor

RIM has hired College Humor personalities to defend its ailing BlackBerry, but is the appeal to youth enough to save the smartphone maker?


Move over new iPad: Apple scores important iWallet patent

A new patent for iWallet technology hints at how Apple wants to get out of the App Store and into real life — all from your iPhone.


Your wireless plan may soon charge by the tweet

Unlimited plans were the first to go, but tiered plans too may give way to more customized data choices for wireless users.


Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox heading exclusively to AT&T

AT&T will pickup an exclusive Beatbox by Dr. Dre and Company, but the real news is HTC's new Sense UI 4.0, which will feature updated Beats audio tech.


AT&T to end 2G service, offers free 3G phone upgrades

AT&T has sent letters to some 2G customers over the past week urging them to upgrade to 3G devices.


NASA: Dark matter defies explanation

Hubble scientists have witnessed a "dark matter core" that is raising more questions than answers.

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Who benefits from AT&T’s new unlimited data throttling rules?

Critics have assailed AT&T for its veiled practice of unlimited data throttling, but the company has now set clear guidelines for what unlimited data users can expect.


Facebook and Twitter icons influence online buying, says study

New research finds that Facebook and Twitter badges on web pages may have a dramatic impact on how consumers spend their money online.


Apple blocks links to Amazon in iBookstore

Apple has reportedly blocked eBooks from being published in its iBookstore that contain hyperlinks to rival Amazon