Jeff Saginor

Jeff Saginor

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Jeff is a New Yorker living in Washington, DC. He writes about technology and policy.

Sprint’s board vetoes MetroPCS purchase in defiance of CEO

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was brought in to pull the wireless carrier back from the brink, but is Sprint's board losing confidence?

Mythbuster: Why unlimited data throttling may be pointless

New research finds top unlimited and tiered wireless users consume virtually the same amount of bandwidth.

BlackBerry, once king of corporate IT, now in decline

BlackBerry used to be synonymous with business, but new research finds that for RIM and corporate IT, the end may soon be near.

Rampage! Midway releases classic arcade game pack for iOS

The 80's return with a classic set of titles released today for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

T-Mobile to FCC: Stop Verizon from buying more spectrum

In a surprise announcement, T-Mobile has petitioned the FCC to block Verizon Wireless from purchasing additional wireless spectrum. But what is the move really about?

Study finds Facebook users more private than ever

A new study suggests that users on Facebook care more about privacy as the social network's user base swells

iOS 5.1 pre-GM leaked: Better camera access, Japanese Siri

A leaked iOS 5.1 pre-Gold Master reveals a more convenient way to access the camera and Japanese language Siri support.

Foxconn raises salaries for factory workers following quiet meeting with Apple CEO

After a week of protests, Foxconn — the world's largest manufacturer of Apple products — has raised salaries for its Chinese factory workers.

New wireless spectrum auctions will offer wireless carriers room to expand

Congress may finally be ready to put some much-needed wireless spectrum on the FCC's auction block. Here's why that's important.
Android Army

Apple’s ‘slide-to-unlock’ victory over Motorola

Is the Motorola vs. Apple legal drama really just an Android vs. iOS proxy war?

Are HTC and Beats readying a streaming music service to take on Spotify?

HTC and Beats Audio are rumored to be preparing a streaming music service, a partnership that builds on both their strengths.

US tech companies outsourcing fewer jobs

In a surprising trend, a new survey finds that fewer US tech companies are outsourcing jobs — for the third straight year.