Jeff Saginor

Jeff Saginor

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Jeff is a New Yorker living in Washington, DC. He writes about technology and policy.

How a flashlight app will raise $450,000 in 7 days

Appbackr is a wholesale market for apps, but in the end, who actually profits?


Blackberry 10 screenshots hint at inspiration from WP7, Android

Can RIM reverse its fate with the new Blackberry 10 OS? New images reveal a slick new interface.


New study: Users take tablets on a honeymoon, and into the bathroom

A new study finds that tablet owners experience a "honeymoon," and take their mobile devices with them to some pretty intimate places.


Space station flyover of Aurora Borealis produces stunning NASA video

NASA's latest video from the International Space Station shows a surreal look at the Aurora Borealis as seen from space.

Cool Tech

Microsoft to beat Apple at retail by being… less crowded?

Microsoft will open 75 new retail stores over the next three years, but can Redmond beat Apple at its own game?


Trouble in iParadise: Protesters target Apple, hackers target Foxconn

Protesters organized on four continents to call for more ethical manufacturing practices at Apple, as hackers leaked the internal communications of Apple's largest Chinese manufacturer, Foxconn.


Is Google’s new privacy policy illegal?

Last year Google reached an agreement with the FTC promising not to share user data without explicit consent. Does the new privacy policy break that promise?


Groupon earnings disappoint in first public quarter

Groupon offers disappointing earnings in its first quarter as a public company, but where is Groupon Now?


Pay for play: Are marketers manipulating Apple’s App Store rankings?

Marketing companies are allegedly offering app developers a guaranteed spot in Apple’s Top 25 App Store rankings in exchange for cash, upsetting the delicate balance of a growing economy.