John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi has been covering video games for over 25 years, dating back to his work for The Washington Post while in college. Over the years, John has focused on the convergence of Hollywood and gaming for outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Entertainment Weekly. He now covers all aspects of gaming, including the intersection of sports and games, as well as new gaming technology like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. And he tracks down some of the biggest names in Hollywood to discuss their latest film and television projects. John resides in North Carolina, where he's active in dog rescue.
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New MacGyver stars explain how reboot taps into ‘80s nostalgia

The stars of the CBS reboot of MacGyver tell us about the trials and complexities of bringing the ‘80s series back in a new form for today’s audiences, as well as letting us know how about their favorite MacGyver gadgets.
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Prison Break cast discusses getting the band back together

After four seasons and a straight-to-video movie, Prison Break is coming back to Fox. The stars that made the show a hit are returning, and we chatted with them to get the the scoop on the new season.
Virtual Reality

Universal’s new VR attraction, The Repository, will make you a believer in the supernatural

The Repository, a new virtual reality attraction at Universal’s Orlando Resort, blends the real and virtual into a hair-raising, untethered VR experience. If you think the Rift’s horror games are scary, be warned. You’ve seen nothing…
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The ‘Rick and Morty’ cast talks longer (and darker) season 3

The creators and cast of Adult Swim’s hit animated series, Rick & Morty, talk about what’s next for the show’s third season, including hints about even richer themes -- and more Interdimensional Cable.
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‘24: Legacy’ cast gives an inside look at your new obsession 3:49

Fox is once again reviving its 24 television series, although this time without Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. The cast of the show new show chats with Digital Trends exclusively about what fans can expect from 24: Legacy.
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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ creators are ready to explore the history of Silicon Valley

As the show kicks off its 3rd season, we caught up with the creators of Halt and Catch Fire -- AMC’s lesser-known (and totally awesome) series, which chronicles the untold history of Silicon Valley in the 1980s.
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ star Lorenzo James Henrie on Season 2’s ‘crazy’ violence

In an exclusive interview with Digital Trends, Fear the Walking Dead star Lorenzo James Henrie explains what’s ahead in season 2b, how the role has changed his life, his mentors on set, and more.

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is a big fan of VR, too

When Tony Stewart isn’t tearing up a NASCAR track, he can be found enjoying a game – like iRacing, a racing sim he recently competed in. We spoke with Stewart about gaming, virtual reality, and how it all comes back to being a better…
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The stars of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ talk season 2 3:45

Digital Trends met up with the cast and producer of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle to discuss what’s ahead for fans in this rich, alternate-history story. Find out what's in store for season 2, which debuts in December.
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Why Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ will set a darker tone in season 4 3:59

Digital Trends met up with some of the key players in Agents of SHIELD to talk about what's ahead for season 4. Producer Jeph Loeb and series stars, including Clark Gregg and Elizaeth Henstridge, shared some interesting insights…

Porn star August Ames wants to improve your sex life with virtual reality

One of the most prolific adult entertainment actresses wants to use virtual reality to improve your sex life and transform pornography from passive viewing into an active learning experience.
Virtual Reality

How the ‘Mr. Robot’ VR experience tells a tale that wouldn’t work on TV

One of the most talked-about virtual reality experiences from Comic Con, the Mr. Robot VR Experience, is now available across multiple platforms.