Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Joshua Sherman is a contributor for Digital Trends who writes about all things mobile from Apple to Zynga. Josh pulls his knowledge from years of experience using smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and has had his content featured on other top sites like MakeUseOf. Josh is a student at Vassar College.
Movies & TV

Here be dragons – or the latest seasons of Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley this April

We've heard from HBO about the 2015 premiere dates for Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep. All three will premiere on one night in April, likely to an audience in the millions.

The Apple Watch isn’t out yet, but it already has a strange charging stand

The Apple Smartwatch won't be out until this spring, but we're already seeing accessories appear for it - like this swiveling charging dock called Bandstand that doubles as an all-in-one charger for your gadgets

BlackBerry announces new Internet of Things platform, Android Wear app

BlackBerry has announced a new platform for our growing world of embedded devices at CES today, as well as its plans to bring its popular messaging service, BBM, to Android Wear users

MonBaby is monitoring smartwear for your baby’s health and activity

Looking to track your baby's health and activity using your smartphone? A new piece of baby smartwear, BabyMon, does just that using a special "button" that is attached to your baby's pajamas.

Every one of GE’s new Connected Profile appliances has an app to use it smarter

GE has unveiled a new line of smart appliances that it claims put the 'app' back in appliance. The new smart stoves, laundry machines, water heaters, fridges, and dishwashers add a ton of intelligence to your home
Home Theater

A flexible 77-inch 4K OLED TV tops LG’s CES 2015 TV announcements

LG has unleashed a slew of new TVs for 2015, featuring a host of new 4K OLED TVs and 4K LCD TVs featuring flexible displays, quantum dot technology, Harmon/Kardon audio, an updated version of webOS, and more

Arbor’s Gladius 10 is a rugged, high-end Android tablet that can survive a war

If your work environment needs something that can handle drops, spills, and demanding software, then take a look at the Gladius 10, Arbor's new rugged, high-end tablet for business customers.

Updated: Can’t log into Twitter on Android or TweetDeck? You’re not alone

Can't log into Twitter or having issues on Tweetdeck? You're not alone. Twitter is having a strange outage involving two specific applications, though is working to fix the problem.

Google’s Nexus 9 is $100 off if you add it to a two-year contract at AT&T

HTC is making its return to tablets with Google. The two have partnered up for the Nexus 9, the first Nexus device with a 64-bit processor. Here's what we know about the new tablet, available for order October 17.

BlueLight gives college students an easy, more accurate way to alert police

Keeping safe on campus is now a little easier with the BlueLight app, giving students a way to accurately notify authorities of their location and status without memorizing campus phone numbers.

Verizon is hand-crafting a tech news site that won’t write about NSA or Net neutrality

Verizon's new tech & culture site, Sugarstring, comes with a big catch for its writers and readers: Don't talk about Net neutrality or about surveillance on U.S. Citizens.