Jeffrey Van Camp

Jeffrey Van Camp

As DT's Deputy Editor, Jeff helps oversee editorial operations at Digital Trends. Previously, he ran the site's Mobile/Wearables section for several years. Jeff has been writing about tech, video games, and movies on the Web for more than a decade and a half. He's been embedded in the mobile world since 2006.
Android Army

No NFC for iPhone 5, Apple tells carriers

Reports from the UK indicate that the iPhone 5 may not include support for near-field communications technology, a new wireless payment system that could turn your phone into a credit card.

iPad 2 launch attracts thousands in New York City

Apple has upped the game for successful product launches. Due to its 5 p.m. debut time, the iPad 2 drew a crowd of thousands during its launch in NYC.

Devastating Japan earthquake and tsunami video roundup

We've gathered some of the most shocking and revealing footage of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan just hours ago.

Ultimate iPad 2 buyer’s guide: How to buy on launch day

Hoping to score an iPad 2 on launch day? We've got the ultimate buyer's guide to help you figure out which model you want and find the best place to buy it.
Cool Tech

Man turns NES into an 8GB flash drive

Done playing Tetris on the NES? Well, why not turn that game into an 8GB flash drive complete with NES port? Sounds good to us!

iPad 2: Verizon & AT&T data prices revealed

Verizon and AT&T have both revealed data pricing for the iPad 2, and there are a few surprises!

Samsung Stealth 4G to hit Verizon April 14

We've got a tentative release date and tech specs for Samsung's Stealth 4G LTE phone. New pictures included.

Wi-Fi is 30 percent slower than wired broadband

A new study shows that Wi-Fi connections are usually about 30 percent weaker than their wired counterparts.

Microsoft delays Windows Phone copy/paste update

Microsoft has quietly announced a short delay for its Windows Phone 7 update. The new update will come before the end of March.

EA thinks Facebook and PC games are the future

Electronic Arts used to be on top of the gaming world; now it's not. To reclaim its throne, the publisher is on the hunt for new forms of revenue, and its newest target happens to be the oldest gaming market still around: PCs. In an…

Xbox Kinect sales reach 10 million, earns Guinness World Record

Xbox 360 Kinect has sold 10 million hardware and software units, earning it a Guinness World Record.
Cool Tech

Scientists recover 16,000 Ice Age fossils in Los Angeles

Scientists have dug up thousands of animal fossils from the Ice Age, all in the Los Angeles La Brea Tar Pits and some by accident.