Jeffrey Van Camp

Jeffrey Van Camp

As DT's first Deputy Editor, Jeff helps oversee editorial operations at Digital Trends. He also runs the Mobile/Wearables section, which covers smartphones, tablets, ebooks, and other gadgets. Jeff has been writing about tech, video games, and movies on the Web for more than a decade and a half. He's been embedded in the mobile world since 2006. You can reach him @JeffreyVC on Twitter.

Google’s content farm crackdown causes collateral damage

Google issued its largest search algorithm update ever in attempt to weed out "low quality" sites last week, but an odd number of legitimate Web sites have been hit by the update as well. Meanwhile, some spammy sites seem entirely…

Valve announces ‘big picture’ TV mode for Steam

Valve has unveiled plans to add a "big picture" mode to its Steam PC gaming platform, adding big screen TV play options.

iPhone 5 rumors: Tim Cook hints at lower priced iPhone, sliding keyboard chatter persists

A couple persistent iPhone 5 rumors have re-emerged today as a Chinese site claims to have more evidence of a slide-out keyboard and Apple CFO Tim Cook hints at a lower priced iPhone for the masses.

Illinois man scammed out of $200,000 by fake online girlfriend

Police have informed an Illinois man that the online girlfriend he's wired money too for 2.5 years is not real. Unfortunately he's already out $200,000.

Gmail will be restored for everyone very soon, says Google

Google now claims that fixes are imminent for the software bug that caused .02 percent of Gmail users to lose their emails.
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Best Buy’s genius gimmick: Buy Back trade-in program is a total ripoff

Frustrated with instantly outdated gadgets? Best Buy's new Buy Back trade-in program sells consumers on the convenience of always having the latest and greatest, but the numbers just don't add up.

Facebook ends relationship with Breakup Notifier app

Facebook has blocked Breakup Notifier, a new app that lets users track the relationship status updates of their friends. It amassed 3.7 million users in three days.
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ChaCha sues HTC over its new ChaCha phone

ChaCha Search is suing HTC over the HTC ChaCha, a new Facebook-enhanced phone the company unveiled in Barcelona last week.
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Xoom Corp sues Motorola over Xoom tablet

Xoom Corp. is suing Motorola over the Xoom trademark, claiming it has been using the name to promote its financial services for eight years.

Angry Birds outflown by Tiny Wings

After only days on the market, the bird-based Tiny Wings has dethroned Angry Birds as the top game on iOS platforms. Learn about it here.

Apple achieves most product placement of any brand in the last 10 yrs

Apple has won BrandChannel's award for having its products (Macs, iPhones, and iPods) appear in more #1 movies than any other company. We've also got a list of other 2010 product placement winners.

Study: mobile social games attract young, college-educated women

A new study by Flurry indicates that a majority of mobile social gamers may be well-educated women in their mid-to-late 20s, a marketer's and geek's dream come true.