Jeffrey Van Camp

Jeffrey Van Camp

As DT's first Deputy Editor, Jeff helps oversee editorial operations at Digital Trends. He also runs the Mobile/Wearables section, which covers smartphones, tablets, ebooks, and other gadgets. Jeff has been writing about tech, video games, and movies on the Web for more than a decade and a half. He's been embedded in the mobile world since 2006. You can reach him @JeffreyVC on Twitter.
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Acer unveils Iconia Smart, a massive 4.8-inch Android phone

Hoping to enter the smartphone market, Acer has unveiled a tablet/smartphone hybrid, the 4.8-inch Iconia Smart. But is it too oddly sized to be good at anything?
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LG Optimus 3D Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

We pit Samsung's Galaxy S II vs. LG's Optimus 3D, comparing spec by spec to see which Android handset offers better bang for your buck.

Google cuts search attacks in half while Bing hacks double

Google has done its homework. According to a new study, the search engine is returning half the number of malicious software links that it did six months ago, while its rivals have seen the opposite trend.

Twitter is not just a ‘microblogging’ service, argues CEO

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took the stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today where he struck back at mislabelings of Twitter as a "microblogging" service, arguing instead that it is more like water. He also revealed that a…

Microsoft at MWC: multitasking and a speedy IE9 for Windows Phone 7

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, took the stage a the Mobile World Congress today to show off a few upcoming features of Windows Phone 7 including multitasking, Twitter integration, Skydrive support, and an improved IE9 browsing experience.

Amazon slashes $20 off Black Ops, discounts all Call of Duty games

Amazon has cut the price of all recent Call of Duty games, dating back to World at War. The deal is only good today.

An open relationship: A good move for Nokia and Microsoft

Nokia's new, open relationship with Microsoft could benefit both companies, and consumers.

Facebook moves to ban Google Ads from its apps

Facebook will soon require that app developers only use in-app advertising from approved vendors. Not on the list: Google.

Video: Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer announce Microsoft Nokia partnership

Nokia has released video of CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer jointly announcing a partnership between the two companies where it relates to Windows Phone 7.

Steve Jobs is still the man behind the curtain, despite medical leave

Steve Jobs may be off work officially, but Apple's CEO is finding it difficult to relinquish control. He's taking meetings from home and has been spotted on Apple's campus and around town.
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Nokia outlines restructuring, benefits of Microsoft WP7 partnership

After announcing its partnership with Microsoft, Nokia held a second press conference where CEO Stephen Elop further discussed its broader strategy, restructuring efforts, financials, some of its choices, and where the company is headed.

Nokia chooses Windows Phone 7 as its primary operating system – full details

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was joined by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to announce a tight partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia will adopt Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone platform.