Jeffrey Van Camp

Jeffrey Van Camp

As DT's Deputy Editor, Jeff helps oversee editorial operations at Digital Trends. Previously, he ran the site's Mobile/Wearables section for several years. Jeff has been writing about tech, video games, and movies on the Web for more than a decade and a half. He's been embedded in the mobile world since 2006.

Nintendo profits drop 74 percent on slow sales of Wii, DS

Nintendo has announced its third quarter earnings and they aren't great. The gaming giant slashed its sales forecasts for Wii and DS and posted a 74.3 percent drop in profit for the last nine months.
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Will Ferrell to guest on The Office as Steve Carell leaves

Will Ferrell will be joining Steve Carell during Michael Scott's last days at Dunder Mifflin, say NBC producers. The funnyman will serve as branch manager in four episodes of the show later this season.

AT&T activates 4.1 million iPhones in last months of exclusivity

AT&T has posted its fourth quarter results for 2010 and its last few months with the iPhone have been quite lucrative.

2 million Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold, says Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that sales of Windows Phone 7 to wireless carriers has exceeded 2 million units after 10-12 weeks on the market.

PSP 2 unmasked as Sony NGP: Next Generation Portable

Sony has unveiled its new handheld and its not called PSP2. The Sony NGP, Next Generation Portable, will have a 5-inch OLED screen, capacitive multitouch, a rear multitouch surface, motion control, 3G, 2 full control sticks, PlayStation…

Nintendo thinks the ‘heyday of piracy’ is over

Two of Nintendo's UK executives are pretty confident about the company's upcoming 3DS handheld's ability to fight piracy.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page hacked

Founder Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page has been hacked and taken down by Facebook, but it likely wasn't he who got hacked. Zuckerberg's personal page is still intact and looks fine. A Facebook employee with administrative access to…
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Motorola Droid X2 to have dual-core Tegra 2, qHD screen

Motorola is prepping to release the sequel to its popular 4.3-inch Droid X handset. Codenamed Daytona, it will have a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and high resolution qHD display.

Social media kick-starts sex

According to a new survey, social media (texting, Facebook) is invading all aspects of a relationship and even leads to couples having sex sooner.

Ninja Gaiden III to be easier for beginners, says developer

Ninja Gaiden III will be easier for new players and focus a lot more on slicing through enemies, the head of Team Ninja reveals.

First specs and pic leak for HTC Flyer 7-inch tablet

We get our first look and information about the Flyer, HTC's first tablet to hit the market. The device appears to have a lot in common with the manufacturer's Desire HD line of phones.
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Google “not happy” with Android Market, lays out 2011 roadmap

Google's Eric Chu spoke at the Inside Social Apps conference yesterday, where he said that the company is "not happy" about how many paid apps are being downloaded and laid out several ways the Android Market will improve in 2011.