Jeffrey Van Camp

Jeffrey Van Camp

As DT's Deputy Editor, Jeff helps oversee editorial operations at Digital Trends. Previously, he ran the site's Mobile/Wearables section for several years. Jeff has been writing about tech, video games, and movies on the Web for more than a decade and a half. He's been embedded in the mobile world since 2006.

Windows 10's Anniversary Update cements its status as the best desktop OS

We go hands-on with Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which has a plethora of new features in its Action Center, lock screen, Ink menu, Store, and more. How does it stack up so far?
Health & Fitness

No more excuses — this mattress plans your next workout while you sleep 2:31

In August, a partnership between iFit and NordicTrack will lead to new sleep technology -- a tracker that will help users determine how their downtime influences their active time.

From news to comedy, there’s something for everyone in our top 102 podcasts

Don’t drown in the vast, virtual sea of free podcasts. Check out our roundup of some of the best podcasts available, whether you're into up-and-coming music, comedy, or serialized story telling.
Product Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung's glassed-up Galaxy S7 is now available unlocked in the U.S.

The $40 Air Case is the best iPhone case we've ever used

Battery cases are usually bulky, the Air Case adds only 3.8mm to your iPhone's thickness, while doubling its battery life. We tried it out, and it's our favorite iPhone battery case to date.

WWDC 2016

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is one of the largest tech events each year, and for Apple fans, it's one of the two best days of 2016. For the last few years, Apple has debuted much of its hardware in September, but at WWDC we often…
Product Review

Sony Xperia X Review

Sony's Xperia X won't exceed expectations, but it's still a fine phone.
Movies & TV

'Popstar' might be as dumb as the celebs it lampoons, but it's damn funny

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is The Lonely Island's second major movie following 2007's 'Hot Rod,' but is it any good? We've got the scoop on this Samberg satire, which has its ups and downs.
Android Army

Google I/O 2016

Google announces new products and services every day, but it only holds a big shindig once a year. Google I/O — like Microsoft BUILD and Apple WWDC — is Google’s premiere event for developers. May 18 through May 20, thousands will…

How to take a screenshot on a Galaxy S7, S6, Note, or any other Android device 1:00

Having trouble taking a screenshot on an Android phone? We show you how to use the S Pen to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note, your palm on the Galaxy S3 all the way to the Galaxy S7, and a button combination that should work…
Virtual Reality

Everything you need to know about the HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is now available for anyone to purchase. Here's what you need to know before you hand over $800 of your hard earned cash to join technology's next great leap forward.
Product Review

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review

Apple's new iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy. But it's still not a laptop.