Kate Knibbs

Kate Knibbs

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Kate Knibbs is a writer from Chicago. She is very happy that her borderline-unhealthy Internet habits are rewarded with a job. You can find her at @kateknibbs on Twitter. E-mail her tips, rants, comments, and pictures of your talented animal friends at kateknibbsfreelance@gmail.com
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Everything you need to know about Twitter’s first earnings call (like why stock is falling)

Twitter gave its first earnings call today as a newly public company. Unfortunately, revealing its revenue didn't inspire investors: stock fell dramatically, around 17 percent over the course of the day.
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Facebook debuts open-source Android security tool that encrypts data on SD cards

Facebook decided to share security software it developed to protect its Android app from malware, which encrypts the data stores on MicroSD cards used by phones and tablets. The decision to open-source is good news for other developers.

Now 10 years old, Facebook finds mobile maturity (and a new lease on life)

Who needs teens? Even as Facebook's grasp on youth loosens, the company is finding ways to reinvent itself on smartphones and tablets. And after years of failure, it's finally working.
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Twitter wants to be the place where you’ll discover the next Justin Bieber (Updated)

Step aside, YouTube. Twitter announced a partnership with Lyor Cohen's music company, 300, to develop software and analysis tools that could help discover the next Justin Bieber.
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For its 10th birthday, Facebook gave itself the gift of soaring stocks

Facebook has plenty to celebrate as it turns 10: the company's stock is spiking, thanks to an earnings call that revealed a successful mobile ad plan.
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Instagram hoax: Oprah is not giving scholarships just because you follow her

A hoax is gaining steam on Instagram: An account set up to look like Oprah's OWN network is gaining followers by promising fake scholarships. Thousands are getting fooled.
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Racist anti-Obama Facebook rant gets New York cop punished and suspended

A police officer in suburban New York was suspended for posting a racist diatribe against the President of the United States on Facebook. Town's mayor says "these statements undermine confidence in law enforcement."
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Twitter found a way to make money every time you refresh your feed

Twitter is attempting to make more money from page refreshes by coming up with ways to encourage users to refresh their Timelines. It's reported that Twitter users opened and refreshed the service 158 billion times last year, which equals a…
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Facebook users will have a chance to be on ‘American Idol’ without judges’ scrutiny

Facebook has teamed up with reality show "American Idol" to show the profile pictures of people who vote through social media on the program. The long-running reality show is also partnering with Google on a new fan-voting option.
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Twitter refocuses on Instagram, adds photo-tagging to Android app

Twitter released an update for its Android app that gives users new photo-editing tools. This update is meant to help the platform compete with Instagram...but it's not a big-enough change.
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Facebook rumored to be hiring editors to curate stories for its upcoming ‘Paper’ project

Facebook is said to be hiring editors for its upcoming mobile news app, Paper, sources say. Will these curators make Facebook a true news destination that resembles Digg and Flipboard?
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Prince understands the Internet like it’s 1999, sues Facebook users for $22 million

Prince filed a lawsuit against Facebook and Google Blogger users. If the eccentric singer wins, 22 individuals will each have to pay $1 million each to the Purple One.