Krissy Rushing

Krissy Rushing

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Budgeting for Your Home Theater

Before jumping in credit-card-first, sit down and scratch out a few numbers to stay realistic.

Home Theater

Sharp Aquos LC-46D65U Review

Sharp's D65 series tones down energy consumption without sacrificing image quality in the process.

  • Pros: Energy saving mode; picture quality; large degree of…
  • Cons: Menu system could be less utilitarian; poor image quality at…

Pioneer Elite SC-07 Receiver Review

The price and back panel may scare the uninitiated, but pros will savor this receiver

  • Pros: High-tech Class D amplifier technology; MCACC…
  • Cons: Clunky remote control; no HDMI video processing.

Dream Theaters: Five Stunning Home Setups

From over-the-top entertainment complexes to house-sized residential theaters, these home cinemas let you dream big.

Home Theater

Universal Remote Control URC R50 Review

The URC R50 lets you program the remote without connecting it to your PC, and has a bright colorful display.

  • Pros: No PC needed for setup; easy navigation; great build…
  • Cons: Doesn't work with Bluetooth devices like the Playstation 3