K. T. Bradford

K. T. Bradford

Former Digital Trends Contributor
K. T Bradford is a lover of gadgets and all things geek. Prior to writing for Digital Trends she cut her teeth on tech writing at Laptop Magazine as the News Editor. Her reviews, insights, and proof of geek cred can also be found at GottaBeMobile, the late, lamented Tecca.com, io9, and Black Enterprise magazine. Besides indulging her gadget nerditry, she also writes essays on pop culture and writes science fiction.

iWork may be free with your new iPhone, but these alternatives are way better

iWork apps will be free for new iDevice owners, but free does not always mean good and just because Apple makes them doesn't mean Pages, Numbers, or Keynote are the best. There are three other office suites you should check out before you settle for iWorks.


Upgrade, repair, and modify your smartphone bit by bit with Phonebloks

What is more important to you in a mobile phone, looks or upgradability? If you picked the latter, then you'll probably get excited about a new phone concept called Phonebloks, a modular smartphone that's user repairable, upgradable, and customizable.


Our favorite Nexus 7 Accessories

The new Nexus 7 is still inexpensive, leaving room in the budget for a few sweet accessories. You can make this little tablet more productive or give its multimedia powers a big boost (plus a lot more) with the gadgets on our list.


Apple Makes iWork apps free, but only if you buy a new iPhone 5S or 5C

When you buy a shiny new iOS device you'll also get the iWork apps for free (whether you want them or not). This includes iPhoto and iMovie. If you already have an Apple iDevice...well... sorry, but you still have to pay $10 or $5.


HTC 8XT review

Windows Phone 8 devices are finally coming to Sprint. The first of them, the HTC 8XT, is a clear descendant of the popular HTC Windows Phone 8X. We liked almost everything about…

  • Pros: Colorful and comfortable design , Loud, rounded audio…
  • Cons: Low-resolution display , So-so camera , HTC's homegrown app…

Kobo’s brilliant Pocket partnership makes the Aura more than just another e-reader

Kobo's new tablets and e-reader are nice, but not groundbreaking. Reading content from your Pocket account on an E-Ink screen? Now that's interesting. How long will it be before B&N, Kindle, and Sony start cuddling up to the competition?


App Review: SwiftKey 4.2 remembers who you are when you switch phones

SwiftKey has long been one of our favorite Android keyboards for both smartphones and tablets but we didn't like having to re-teach it every time we got a new device. With this update, that's no longer an issue.


Asus Memo Pad HD 7 review

We review the Memo Pad HD 7, Asus’s best stab at a truly affordable tablet, and we like what we see. The HD 7 competes well with the Nexus 7 and other budget tablets.

  • Pros: Inexpensive but not cheap , Light, comfortable design…
  • Cons: Screen attracts fingerprints , Asus User Interface can be…

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 review

We review the Lenovo A1000. Does Lenovo have what it takes to compete in the budget tablet market with Google’s Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire?

  • Pros: Loud front-facing speakers , UI skin isn't too extensive…
  • Cons: Low-res screen with poor viewing angles , Little room for…

5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.


‘Nook Video’ app joins Android and iPad, takes on Netflix and Amazon Video

Barnes & Noble released Nook Video apps on iOS and Android this week and recently updated its ebook reader apps to bring them up to par with the experience on the Nook HD. There's very little exclusive to B&N's home-grown tablets left, anymore.


Kyocera Hydro Edge review

We review the Hydro Edge, Kyocera’s latest water and dust-resistant phone for Boost and Sprint. But does its cheap price make up for its lack of features?

  • Pros: Slim, compact design , Water and dust resistant , Useful…
  • Cons: Mediocre display , Poor camera , No front camera , Only 1GB…

12 useful online services and apps for students

Before you send your student off to high school or even the far away world of college, you should consider signing them up for a few key services that will make learning, studying, and having fun a lot easier.


Protect and accessorize your Galaxy Note 8.0 with these cases and adapters

Got a new Galaxy Note 8.0 and ready to trick it out with good accessories? We found the best cases, covers, keyboards, stands, multimedia tools and more for Samsung's pen-enabled Android tablet.